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And so my love affair with Diebuster ends, with the release of the final episode “The Story of Your Life”. A brief summary if you will before I go onto my random fanboy musings and nitpicking. Ok basically since the space monster is going to devour earth the big plan is to ram earth into the monster and destroy it through some black hole science/magic. So yeah doesn’t really make any sense but it does give our final battle a more galactic feel. Lark is the one that pilots planet Earth, but is stopped by Uber-Diebuster Nono who’s now taller than a fucking planet from all those robot monsters coming together. She tries some SUPER INAZUMA KICK! and BUSTER BEAMS! but they don’t really work and she starts getting blasted to bits. Lark stops being emo and pulls out some guts and hard work and pimps Dix-Neuf up to the next level. Pimped up Dix-Neuf and regular Nono do a INAZUMA DOUBLE KICK! and kill the monster. This causes a singularity with the monsters black hole that almost forms another big bang. Fortunaely Nono pulls an End of Evangelion and takes care of it. Unfortunatly this means she has to leave. It ends ten years later with Lark welcoming the original Gunbuster Girls home. Whew. Notice I only included the kick ass mecha parts.

…ok you lost me.

On an emotional level this was definately a tearjerker for me. Mind you they were manly tears that flowed down my face when Nono had to leave. Ultimately Diebuster was (in the usual Gainax fashion) more about the individual loneliness of the characters than old school mecha action. Both Nono and Lark felt alone throughout the series, Lark from being Topless and Nono from not being a Nonoriri. Of course these roles were changed halfway when Nono became a God but still they both felt different from everyone else. it wasn’t until the end that they understood how much their friendship meant to eachother. In a way (and I hate to do this) Diebuster is an update of FLCL, with Lark being Naoto and Nono being Haruka(Mamimi?). Nono definately acts as a catalyst to make Lark more human and to grow up. Their both basically adolescent tales I guess, just one in space.

These are the voyages of the USS Earth, It’s continuing mission to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Now to what I didn’t like, and this is solely focused on the final episode. The whole moving Earth idea is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Just by moving the Earth out of orbit you basically destroy it’s whole climate/ecosystem. And then everythings alright just by putting it back in place? And the moon does not stay in orbit once you move earth. What do you think it fucking orbits around? Maybe some of you that actually study this stuff can make it plausible but it’s still shitty science. Very much ruined the mood I think, but then again we left realism a while ago back on Mars.

Oh God Lark is Hot (in a completely non-loli way)!

In the end how do I rate Diebuster? I would have to say it’s one of the best sci-fi animes I’ve seen in awhile. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Nono is definately one of the cooler anime babes I’ve ever seen (most powerful too). Really need more redheads in jumpsuits. Gainax needs to go a release a fucking PVC of her already, and not a thousand dollar custom one like they got right now. Mad props too for the excellent music. You can just put it on in the background and play it for hours without getting tired of it. Sooo when’s Gunbuster getting released in the U.S.?