Haeleth has released an english translation of Stage-Nana’s demo for Narcissu 2 they released at Comiket 70. It can be gotten here for those interested.


A word on Narcissu for those you have never heard of it. Narcissu was a visual novel put out for free by Stage-Nana and then translated into english with his permission. It follows the story of a boy and a girl, both dying of terminal illnesses and confined to the seventh floor of a hospital before they decide to break out and go on a road trip across Japan to find narcissus flowers. Of course my description can’t accurately describe the full emotional impact of the work and should be played by anyone interested in visual novels (it can be gotten here courtesy of insani). Be warned it’s very sad though, the second saddest visual novel I’ve played yet actually (the first goes to the awesomely sad Planetarian).


Narcissu Side 2nd is a prequel to Narcissu, highlighting the heroine Setsumi’s illness when she was younger and her relationship with an older, dying patient. The Demo itself is not so much a demo but more like the first ten minutes of the game. Very much like the original, with identical music and same minimalistic style. Note Narcissu is known for using very little graphics, mostly backgrounds really. Right now all I can do is wait for the proper game release and translation sometime this winter, then I’ll do a proper review and discussion of Narcissu Side 2nd.