Let me clarify that statement by saying that when I first watched ef as it aired I thought that the “love stories” it contained were trite, superficial, and above all boring. Lo and behold my finishing the series didn’t change my opinions, though I will admit that ef does climaxes so well I almost forget I have no emotional investment in these characters at all. Why do I choose to finish the show then? Simple, I had a sudden craving for lush visuals over the weekend. As a work of animation and music ef is a beautiful, almost sublime show. Really makes me wish the show had a Makoto Shinkai movie level budget to work with, cause we all love floating clouds in front of a sunset. Still, even the prettiest wrapping can’t make shit any better, but at least the wrapping is nice to look at for a while. And, yes, this does mean I’ll probably watch the sequel. I’m still a sucker for sunsets.