Onee-sama is cute.

I know I’ve never mentioned it, but I’ve been watching Nagaserete Airantou since it began and am loving it. Best example of harem comedy I’ve seen in a while; light on fanservice, thick with quirky characters and exaggerated situations. That’s what you need to succeed. And, yes, NA is funnier than Lucky Stars, but not funnier than Hidamari Sketch or Muteki Kanban Musume. Those shows were a completely different level of win altogether. Now that I’ve gotten why I love NA out of the way, now it’s time to talk about what’s really important: Machi-oneesama! While this episode had its moments, Suzu and her mame daifuku obsession, the mario ghost; this was all about Machi.




Onee-sama is scary.

Machi is the best character in NA, period. Sure, Rin has that whole “Closet Lesbian” vibe going on, but she’s not an evil, manipulative, sex-crazed Reimu-clone. Which is what Machi is. Now, some would say Suzu is more the Reimu 2player-clone, but Machi’s personality fits better. Who doesn’t think of Reimu as some peaceful girl who could snap at any second? Just think of her as PC-98 Reimu. Just don’t call her an old hag. She’ll summon the spirits of the underworld to give you a most gruesome death. Despite how loli she looks she is actually eighteen (for realz this time). And according to ole’ Japanese tradition, it’s time for her to get a man. She’s probably the most desperate one after Ikuto. Too bad her idea of a date is probably torturing Ikuto to death. His loss. Please let me not have to wait an eternity for another Machi episode, preferably a full one this time. This is a 26-episode series, so they have to spend some time on her, right?

Onee-sama is interesting.