Zentai with Optical Camouflage for Maximum Results.

Posted by Demian @ 4:52 pm, November 14th, 2006
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Do everything with…enthusiam!!

Tokimeki Memorial is so wonderfully wacky it’s beating all other harem shows I’m watching right now (though that’s not much since I basically dropped Happiness and Lovdoll). Where else do you see grown men running around in pink full-body suits, just to spy on girls in a pool? That’s just brilliant. Episode 4 was great since we got to see a lot of Mina, the goddess of shy moe. Oh Mina, all other idols fail in comparison to you~! *cough* anyways on with the pics.


Aoba is quite happy at the school president’s tender confession of love.



Hell or…Hell?!




The ninja lunchlady is awesome. She’s like a twentysomething Haruhi who randomly got a job at a school cafeteria and decided to terrorize the students. Haruhi also got greedier as she grew up.











Oh Mina, my goddess of shy moe, your beauty exists in all shades of your wonderous expression~! Blue hair and clumsiness are always win in my book of moe~! Ok, that’s out of my system. But really Mina is the best girl so far, beating out hyperactive Riku and too calm for me Sayuri. I know it’s impossible, but only if Aoba could end up with Mina and make her happy. Guess I’ll have to pray for a shuffle ending (hopefully with some added boxcutters!).

Impressions: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, Lovely Idol, Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~

Posted by Demian @ 7:48 pm, October 13th, 2006