Just finished Rozen Maiden Ouverture, and while I think it was too short, like most things concerning Rozen Maiden, it was still a great watch. The production values were top-notch and the fight scenes were awesome. I disliked both the OP and ED songs, but thats nothing new. But this OVA wasn’t about the animation, it was about our awesome Gin-sama!

Gin is love.

While we already know how tragic Suigintou’s life has been from both series, it was nice to see her beginnings, and more importantly where her hatred of Shinku came from. While Suigintou basically had the mentality of a child, she was still a good person with an earnest desire to see Rozen. Shinku, however, acted like a sophisticated brat the whole time, enjoying her superiority over all the other dolls and making them know about it all the time. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to call Shinku a grade-A bitch back then. How messed up Suigintou is in the present is really more of Shinku’s fault I think. Not to say that Suigintou is entirely scot free, what with her crushing Shinku’s pendant and everything, it’s just Shinku who made Suigintou mad in the first place. Though at this point, whoever started it doesn’t really matter, does it? Shinku mellowed, thanks to Jun, and Suigintou, well let’s just say she’s better. Still psychotic, and cute, but better.

I’mma throwin ma hat!

Back then, Souseiseki was pretty nasty also. She attacked a defenseless Suigintou just because she was a Rozen Maiden and knew what the alice game was. She’s kind of better in the present, but she’ll still attack anyone in a heart beat. I wonder if Rozen built this masculine personality into her, along with the boku? To what extent could Rozen create the dolls personality’s, ensuring that they would fight eachother? The only doll that stayed the same was Suiseiseki. Even if she has a rough personality, she’s the one that hate’s fighting the most. Odd mixture there. There was no Hinaichigo and ” Kanada ” was only mentioned. I found that hilarious. Poor Kanada will never get remembered.


My only complaints is that Enju was thrown in and we got no background on him. It seemed like he was thrown in to say ” Hey, remember this guy? He was the badguy this whole time, yes he was, “. This further cements the idea that Enju was meant to be Rozen up until the last episode of Traumend, when someone said ” Wait, we can’t end this milkcow yet! “. Also the inconsistent actions of Rozen are really annoying. He gives Suigintou a rosa mystica, but waits till she’s killed to fix her body. By now I’ve rationalized this as the anime staff didn’t know that the show was going to be so popular after the first season, and Rozen’s been used as a deus ex machina to make the plot fit with the manga’s better. You know, how Suigintou isn’t broken in the manga, doesn’t die, etc. Oh well, I should just continue to focus on how cute Gin looks smiling.

In before ” SHINKU! “

So in short, Gin-sama is awesomely tragic, Shinku was a bitch, so was Souseiseki, and RM has too many plot holes. I may of nitpicked a lot, but I really did like this OVA. I can’t explain how excited I was when Shinku first said Junk, along with Suigintou’s first ” SHINKU! “. RM has such great emo fights. This is probably the end of RM for awhile. Won’t seeing anything new until the manga finishes I guess. That’s find with me. Let them sort out the plotholes they created first. I got enough fanart to satisfy me for a while.