Wait, It’s Been Two Years Already? or Belated Anniversary Post

Posted by Demian @ 4:36 pm, September 5th, 2008
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Somehow the two year anniversary for this blog came and went with August 20th, so since then the blog has been officially two years old. Good God, I’m positively ANCIENT now. How am I supposed to keep up with all these youngsters and their new fangled blogging methods, where they actually post daily (like I once did in my youth)?

In all seriousness I can’t believe I’ve actually been doing this for two years. That’s a lot of time to be committed to one thing. Honestly I am at a crossroads right now. Those days where there’s a burning need to blog something are getting farther apart, and unlike my earlier hiatus where I filled my non-blogging time by marathoning stuff I’m actually now engaging in that bizarre simulation called real life. Anime and the blogosphere are just becoming less important to me. tj_han’s noise theory may apply here, as there genially is less interesting stuff to read these days, or I’m just getting old enough to filter a lot of it out. Don’t think I’m quitting anytime soon, though. I’m at least going to stick through to the beginning of the fall season to see if there’s anything there that’s reinvigorating. And then I have to finish Legend of the Galactic Heroes so I can say how awesomely epic it is, and at my new snail pace that may actually take a while.

But enough with all that gloomy talk. It really has been a good year and I enjoy how it all went. My tastes have ventured farther afield to some really old works, but I see that as only a good thing. If I only watched what was coming out now then I definitely would of quit already. Thanks to all of my readers (are there ten of you now?) for putting up with my ramblings. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed them and, best of all, I’ve tipped you off to some new anime/manga/games that may have become your favorite. Cause really, that’s what I blog for, the spreading of truly good anime, both popular and obscure, to others. That’s the measure of success for me. No matter how much longer I blog I’m glad to have carried out this conversation with you readers so far. Here’s to the future.

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