Series Review: Ouran High Host Club

Posted by Demian @ 7:38 pm, October 1st, 2006
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Wow three posts in day. New record. I really don’t have a life.

Man that last episode was awesome. I’m a sucker for the ” you go after them, I’ll stay here and kick ass to protect you ” kind of chases. Needed more Honey kickin ass. And then the whole melodramatic carriage chase with Haruhi falling in the river, that was perfect. Haven’t seen melodrama that good since Gankutsuou. I also enjoyed the Ootori family subplot, with the surprise that Kyouya actually mananged to buy his father’s company with money from the Host Club. Never underestimate the spending power of yaoi fangirls. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition between the fathers and the sons of the rich families, and using it to show how much Haruhi changed all of them. It’s not so hard to see Kyouya and Tamaki like their dads if it wasn’t for Haruhi. Haruhi was also awesome, taking over the carriage like it was nothing. Best reverse-trap ever! The only thing wrong was the incredible lack of Renge-sama. She should of risen out of the ocean at the last moment to save Tamaki and Haruhi when they fell in. Only Renge would be able to have a high-powered electric motor in a river.

Oh Shi-!

Looking at the series as a whole I’m definately glad I watched it. Ouran was able to pull off being a comedy early on while throwing in drama every once in awhile to richen things up. The excellent cast of characters helped this a lot. At first they all seem like stereotypes, but after awhile they develop their own rich personalities you learned to love (who didn’t like Tamaki’s overt father complex?). The problem’s it had was some slower paced episodes near the middle that didn’t work out all that well, and that terrible multi-episode twin sub-plot we got. Yes I understand the twins are weird, now give me a Mori episode dammit! Still it was nice to see the pumpkin motif come back in the end. If there’s a second season I would definateley watch it, though I don’t think we’ll get one soon. The manga’s still ongoing so maybe we’ll get one in a year or two. Personally I think this staff understands the characters so well it could continue on without the manga and be awesome, but that won’t happen. So basically if your lookin for a good comedy, and maybe a little romance, check out Ouran High Host Club when you can. I wonder how long till it’s lisence? Ugh now I got a lot of Demonbane to slog through. Why all four at once Shinsen?! I can only handle so much!

Too bad they never kissed…or did anything at all for that matter.

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