Twelve Anime Moments of the Year (For Me): Akagi

Posted by Demian @ 4:18 pm, December 15th, 2007
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One the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two(million) RONs!, and one GIGA DRILL BREAKER!

This is the second post in a series as I look at the twelve best anime moments of the year from shows I watched. Key there being watched, as a few of these moments are going to be from some pretty old stuff, but I think they’re damn good enough to talk about at any time. This is a joint ABC blogging project with other contributions from Roxas, CCYoshi, Orion, Owen S, Xerox, Nekoron, Martin, Michael Huang, usagijen, and Moogy. Yeah, there’s a lot of us. If you haven’t watched Akagi then go watch it right now, as this post contains massive spoilers for it.

Viewers will always either love or hate Akagi; love its intense atmosphere and badass main character or hate its slow pace and how confusing mahjong is. I think it’s already clear that I love it. Akagi is a brilliant anime in several ways, which I’ve already stated in my review, so it definitely holds a memorable moment for me. Anyone who’s actually watched Akagi should know just what moment I’m talking about.

The deathmatch between Akagi and the certifiably insane Washizu rages on, with Akagi betting his own blood and life on each round. Washizu has crafted the perfect trap for Akagi that is sure to win the game and take Akagi’s life. Victory is so close he can taste it. Washizu is certain that he has won until the very last second when Akagi reveals his trump card and snags the true victory. You can literally see the already insane Washizu’s brain snapping. His reactions throughout the whole ordeal are classic in their sheer over-exaggeratedness. This is why I love Akagi and this is the threshold Kaiji has to top if it wishes to be as good.

Why is Akagi Moe?!

Posted by Demian @ 11:07 pm, November 17th, 2007

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