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Posted by Demian @ 4:25 pm, March 13th, 2007

All of this courtesy of ANS:

How can live-action top this?

Negima will apparently be turned into a live-action drama soon. All I can say is ” huh? ” How is Negima even supposed to work in live-action? Two anime series haven’t done it right, even if Negima?! is a good show, so a live-action one wouldn’t even come close. Sounds like Ken Akumatsu milking a franchise for all it’s worth.

How can I get more Millay without a 26-episode series?

We all know by now that Code Geass is getting a second season, but apparently the format is undecided and split between TV, movie, and OVA. How can they be undecided about this? There’s way too much material in CG to fit a movie or ova. Only a 26-episode series can do it justice. Is it money problems? Yeah, right. Sunrise is rolling in money. Hopefully they’ll go the tv route. Also, the broadcast date for episodes 24 and 25 haven’t been decided yet, so 23 will be the de facto end of the season. Watch it be a cliff hanger. Damn Goldenweek, messing up my anime.

How about letting this be the manga? It’d sell millions, I say.

The third volume of My-Otome Zwei has been given a definite release date of May 25. A little late, but I’m used to it. Also, the My-Otome manga will start again this month from where it ended. Their probably banking off the success of Zwei, so maybe the manga will tie in somehow. But the manga is so radically different that the two couldn’t possibly go together. Oh well, I loved the manga so more of it isn’t a bad thing.

Who ya gonna call? Negi-sensei!

Posted by Demian @ 3:36 pm, November 30th, 2006

And so the final element of any good harem is introduced: a ghost! Wait, what? Can you even have sex with that?



Isn’t it sad Sayochin?

In this stand alone episode we’re introduced to Sayo, the class’s resident ghost. She’s quite cute actually, very goofy for a ghost? Of course she’s overjoyed Negi can finally see her, but when they try to figure out why she’s a ghost, there’s a problem. She can’t remember anything! I guess it’s hard to form memories when your dead. So what better way to awaken those dead (literally) memories then terrifying all your classmates? I know I would do it. And that’s where the real fun begins.




A little set-up here. Secchan believes that by using this cup ” hotline ” she can be connected to her Ojou-sama’s room 24-hours a day. Clearly, Konoka shows her the fault in that plan. Why not use a cellphone? I wonder if Secchan is dumb, or if she is just to close to Konoka’s weirdness. Maybe Konoka’s the smart one of the pair? She does hold all the power in the relationship…


? Don’t ask me why Kaede is eating a bannana in a stripper’s biker outfit, with the tokimeki chicken no less.





Shota Stalker Iincho-san is scary, though that toaster is kinda cool. And +5 agility for Asuna’s wacky hair.





I love all the freakout faces. Notice the same legend of zelda background type used from paniponi? There seriously needs to be an omake battle, with Negi and Eva vs. Becky and Hazuki. An ultimate battle of the Loli’s! I predict Nekomimi win. Also, woohoo for the five-seconds of Mana! There’s an extreme lack of her awesome gun-slinging skills and exotic sexiness. If they would just animate the Kyoto arc…but I digress.



After the class see’s Sayo, due to some of Eva’s magic, she’s finally accepted into the class and gets her happy ending. Isn’t it wonderful Sayochin? Your still dead though.

Chupa-Chupa-Chupacabra~! in a good way.

Posted by Demian @ 8:51 pm, November 25th, 2006

So the whole star crystal arc is done for now, and all I can say is ” Megane Nodoka ftw! Ichijou Konoka ftw! Konoka x Secchan ftw! Chupacabra ftw! “. Ok, clearly I like Negima!? too much, but I can’t help it when all the characters are so cute. Let’s do a run down of who got to shine in this arc.




First is Nokoka. She finally got her wish to kiss Negi, and made a contract with him while she did it. Nodoka seems a little to eager to kiss a 12-year-old. Nodoka has some mad hax powers apparently. She can read minds, have access to all knowledge in existence, AND look cute in glasses! That last one is pretty important. She had a lot of cute moments, like saying out loud what Chamo was thinking about all his lies, and enjoying it too! She has a surprising evil streak. Best moment I think was when she confronted possessed Chisame, and found out she was just fighting her too take Nodoka’s number one net idol spot (that she didn’t even know about). Nodoka’s expression was priceless! I wonder what such a shy girl like her thinks about being followed by /b/tards?





Next up is the ambigiously gay duo of Konoka and Secchan aka. Setsuki. I though the yuri overtones were just for the OVA’s, but their even in the series, just not as blatant. I love how embarassed Secchan was at the thought of her “in-direct kiss” with Konoka. The two shine apart from eachother too though. Konoka keeps reminding me of Ichijou, both with her facial expressions and how spacy she seems. For instance, Konoka’s fortune telling is wonderfully weird. I didn’t know you could tell the future by heating eggs on stoves. Secchan had plenty of ” damn, that’s cool ” moments, mainly when she got her contract and grew angel wings. When she was fighting I kept expecting to hear ” amekkeru ryu no hirameki! “. I’m surprise there’s no rurouni kenshin references yet.


It’s a shop. I can tell from the pixels, and having seen quite a few shops in my day.




…don’t ask.

The other girls had plenty of small moments though. The whole chupacabra subplot is so random, I just don’t know what to say about it. Maybe I should just sing ” Chupa-chupa-chupacabra~! “? Chisame had a nice seen in ep. 5, revealing her true net idol self. She really is kind of crazy isn’t she? Reminds me of that doujin by the eva re-take group. I hate the annoying frog and cat characters with a passion. Their nothing better than a plot device to get things done quickly. Just leave already! Ok that’s done. The animations taken a down turn I think in quality, but it’s still very unique. I think it’s a lot weirder than paniponi though. There’s too many random statues and settings. I wish it would be more realistic like tsukuyomi. Still it never gets boring I guess. As long as it’s not Yoake QUALITY it will do.

Sayo’s wonderfully sad story next time, hopefully with an appearance by Mana.

Negima!? Spring OVA

Posted by Demian @ 6:49 pm, November 2nd, 2006


I seem to enjoy Negima more and more with every episode I watch. The combination of wacky, sexy characters and Shinbo’s equally sexy art excites me to no end. And after watching the spring ova there’s only one thing I can say: give me more fanservice dammit! It’s like paniponi dash all over again! What is it with Shaft and it’s ability to render 2d-girls so insanely hot!? A mystery indeed. Anyways Negima!? Spring special was a ton of fun doing what negima does best, exploiting it’s characters personalities. It was all the little moments that made it nice. Setsuna obsessing over Konoka’s ass, Mana, Zazie, and the other girl doing the same thing as they do at school and saying how different they feel, Iincho wanting to sex up Negi, Chisame’s wacked out cosplaying, and Evangeline hunting chupacabra were all great. It didn’t even need the main plot of Negi and Asuna fighting, though there were some cute Asuna moments at the end. Dammit why couldn’t the thing be longer!? At least I have the summer special to look forward too. In other negima news I bought the first volume recently and, despite questionable translations, enjoyed it greatly. I may do a more in-depth review soon along with some other stuff I got recently.

Top 5 favorite girls so far:


#1 Mana: You can’t go wrong with dark, sexy, mature, and guns.


#2 Iincho: Cause big-breasted shotacons are awesome.


#3 Konoka: Ichijou ver. 2 with sexy times a hundred.


#4 Nodoka: That really is a great haircut.


#5 Asakura: Cause I like redheads that can see ghosts.

ok there’s mine. Who’s your favorite? Now funny/weird pics.


Hello what’s this…?


Jesus Christ it moved!


This requires further study.


This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! It tells me too…!


Dammit I’m shark-blocked!


Girls reaction at Pumpkin Scissors Oland’s apparent “size”. Of course Evangeline isn’t affected as she’s seen bigger.

Power! Negima Style

Posted by Demian @ 6:05 pm, October 25th, 2006

Adult Evangeline is some much hotter than her loli self.

Obligatory end of arc impressions.



So Negima!?’s first story arc finishes strong, though still there could of been some improvements. First I really wasn’t as wowed as many fellow bloggers were at the action scenes. Negamia was given a stronger set-up, but still it’s fight scene paled in comparison to superior tsukuyomi grandpa vs. Kinkel or fate vs. Nanoha battles. This being by the same director I was expecting more. Hopefully later fights we’ll be more fleshed out and exciting (maybe Negi won’t run away half the time). However I did really like Asuna’s transformation. Can’t go wrong with a badass sword you can hardly swing. I have to say I’m really warming up to Asuna. She’s too dumb not to like ;).

Chamo: It’s what’s for dinner.

Goin’ super saiyan 3 on your ass.

And that brings me to what I’m really liking about Negima!? so far: the comedy. With such a rich cast of characters I can’t help but find something to laugh at. I mean, how about Setsuka completely obsessing over a game and being embarassed at being found out, and Konoka being obsessed with it later? Konoka and Setsuka are quickly becoming a favorite pair of mine. Best part was definately Asuna’s shoe throwing antics at Evangeline. Who thought the girl could lift a boat? So far Negima is like a crazy mixture of paniponi, tsukuyomi, and nanoha thrown in a blender, and I’m liking it. Just fix up the fight scenes will ya? I really hope they’ll animate the awesome looking time-travel arc I’ve seen manga scans of. I mean that shit looks EPIC in a great way. I definately think I’m picking up the manga soon.

Why indeed.



I have no idea why Evangeline say’s power after being clobbered by a boat. It’s just too weird. Hence why I title a post after it.

Impressions: Negima!?, Happiness!

Posted by Demian @ 7:16 pm, October 14th, 2006

Too many shows…


Negima!? is a rather odd choice for me to watch. I’ve never read the manga or saw the first series. Then why am I choosing to watch this? Because it’s directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, the same man who’s created some of my all-time favorites, Tsukuyomi Moonphase, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, and Paniponi Dash. There’s no way I can miss out on one of his work’s. His touch really show’s too, with the Evangeline bits looking just like moonphase (Evangdline herself sometimes seemed the spitting image of Elfriede) and the classroom part was like paniponi, with all girls talking at once and the blackboard messages. Hell you can just tell by the camera angles. Whatever he touches is definately a stylish show above the norm.


Fortunately Negima!? itself seems to have a good story behind it. I’ve heard how the original series basically tore the story to pieces, creating the necessity for this remake/reimagining. The story is about young kid Negi who is assigned to be a teacher at an all-girls school. There’s also some bits about his father, a revered mage, fighting the vampire Evangeline, who is even now terrorizing the school. There’s also dojiko Asuna, shoo in as main romantic lead, who saw Negi use magic. Negima better have a strong cast of characters, with a whopping 30+ girls! All seem unique though, with a couple of eccentrics that caught my eye, like a girl who only cleaned her guns, a ghost, and robot. Hopefully my not knowing the source material will not hinder my enjoyment of the show, and Mr. Shinbo’s always beautiful work. Also I’ve heard the OP already and it KICKS. ASS! Sounds like it’s for a super robot show.

Jun: The Anime

I must admit I had no idea what the story behind Happiness! was. All I knew was that it involved a delicious trap called Jun, and that was that. Now I’m surprised to find out it’s actually about magic, with a competent romance element. Happiness is mainly told from the point of view of Haruhi, an up and coming mage and idol of the school magic section (the shool is split between a regualar section and magic section). When she was Haruhi was saved from some bullies by a kid with magic, who apparently she’s been obsessively looking for ever since. Yuuma is a nice kid with no magic who keeps bumping into Haruhi. Haruhi eventually give him chocolate (this being set during valentines) and hopes to see him again. Later the magic section of school is blown up (conveniant) and Haruhi joins Yuuma’s class. There’s also Anri, Haruhi’s friend and rival to the point where she actually has a magic fight with Haruhi just to find out who she likes. There’s also another girl, an upperclassmen, who seems real spacey. Can’t remember her name.


Though of course the real selling point of Happiness is Jun. Jun both looks 100% like a girl and is 100% a boy. Freaks you out that you find him hot right? Doesn’t matter. Everyone’s gay for Jun. Still seems weird that no one cares that he’s a boy. Creates some funny scenario’s though. Apart from Jun Happiness doesn’t seem all that bad. The setting is nice, we’ve seen magic and talking staffs before but there’s still a good dynamic. I like all the girls so far, though Haruhi’s kind of annoying with her stalkerish ways. There were a ton of flashbacks we didn’t need, as all the events happen in the same episode. Right now it’s pretty clear that Haruhi and Yuuma are meant for eachother and are gonna end up that way. The only challenge is how it happens. What’s with all these game adaptations being good all of a sudden?

Tired now. Sumomomo Momomo review tomorrow.