Manga Review: Unbalance X Unbalance Redux

Posted by Demian @ 8:34 pm, February 28th, 2007
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Recently I had the amazing good fortune to win a copy of volume 1 of the english version of Unbalance X Unbalance through the contest ran by Julie at MangaManiacCafe.

Now having the actual copy put out by Infinity Studios, I have to say this is probably the best made manga I’ve ever seen, at least in english. Not only are there color pages at the beginning, but also in the middle! There’s even a slipcover for the book! If only every company could make books this nice (*cough*tokyopop). The translation is accurate and the footnotes are actually useful since not many people know the korean terms for sempai and kohai. The story is ok but I think UX2’s story really starts getting good in volume 2. In volume 1 Hae-Young is a little too bitchy for my tastes. Too bad I have to wait till June for volume 2. I guess long waits are the price you have to pay for great quality.

A lot of thanks to Julie for running this great contest that’s given me the chance to own Unbalance X Unbalance. It’s a great story that I think many people should look at. Or maybe just look at the artwork, since it’s awesome too. My previous review of UX2 is here.

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