They Killed the Dog!

Posted by Demian @ 8:42 pm, May 13th, 2008


Oh, wait the dog’s an immortal. Everything’s fine now. I’m just not sure how he became immortal, since the rules don’t make much sense (what with women becoming immortal and men becoming hedonistic angels after all).

In the future Hatsune Miku is a manipulative AI/cyborg who can control the world’s military, spy on you wherever you are, and kill you without a thought. On the plus side, you get to have sex with her, which probably makes everything even.

But even if you can have sex with her, if she kills the awesome old detective, then you know she’s a bitch. Throwing her physical body into a jet engine is the only way to get rid of her then. God, I love this show.

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Mnemosyne 03: Now with Actual Loli Rape

Posted by Demian @ 7:24 pm, April 14th, 2008


Best scene with Kugimiya Rie ever, or BEST SCENE WITH Kugimiya Rie EVER?! This is how you do trashy fanservice right. Forget Kanokon, To Love-ru, and whatever other sub par fanservice show is starting this season. They’ll just put you to sleep. Mnemosyne has you covered with loli rape, strippers, and breasts with the nipples showing. Of course, This episode also continues to feature the other staples of Mnemosyne, like not-so-subtle guro and exaggerated violence. If you loved it before, you’ll love it even more here. If episode one made you just throw up, then it’s fine to continue tuning out.


Plot wise, things still don’t make too much since, aside from a few hints such as how the main sadistic bastard eats the time seeds and that eating a time seed causes one to be stuck in the same state forever. So if one is sick, being immortally sick isn’t very nice, as the piercing lady from episode one found out. One does get a cool power suit, though. I’ll admit Maeno’s death made me sad. It’s not like we’ve known him long, but I find any instance of the straight-laced character with a family getting killed is usually sad. Only three more episodes left, but the next sure looks fun with some crazy costume play. Am I talking about sex or not? Who knows. God, I love this show.

Mnemosyne 2: The 90’s Were Made of Amazing Technology and Lesbians

Posted by Demian @ 7:20 pm, March 6th, 2008


My dream come true. Rie Kugimiya and Mamiko Noto making out. Oh god it’s like their voices are having sex!


oh my god it’s a pager! This really is set in the nineties. I think if there was one useless technology that the nineties gave us, aside from furbies, it would have to be the pager. It’s a glorified portable answering machine.


It’s 1991 and you’ve maxed out your computer with 300 MB. What one episode of anime do you download?