Gundam OO Music News

Posted by Demian @ 1:57 pm, July 30th, 2007

While still technically on vacation and starting to feel the effects of anime withdrawal, I found this new bit of Gundam OO info interesting enough to post. ANN reports that Kawai Kenji will be composing the soundtrack for the new series. I’m very fond of Kenji’s work on Fate/stay Night - a soundtrack in many ways superior to the game’s - and am looking forward to hearing his work here. L’Arc-en-Ciel will also be doing the first, of undoubtedly many, OP. I’ve never really heard any of L’Arc-en-Ciel despite hearing of them often, but it will probably be an appropriate, if mediocre, jpop fare. Now I disappear back into the obscurity of the real world; though I did read the summaries for Gurren-Lagann 18 and it sounds to be expositionally epic.

Break Time

Posted by Demian @ 5:43 am, July 27th, 2007

Tre Donne Crudeli comes out today and I won’t be able to view the CG’s for a week. woohoo!

Just a notice, I’ll be heading out on vacation starting friday and be gone till perhaps next friday at the latest. Heading down to Charleston, South Carolina. Visiting family, doing some R&R, etc. I’ll probably have internet access, but not enough time to really watch anything. I’ll at least be able to keep track of comments. Only bad thing is I’ll be missing both Gurren-Lagann 18 and the season finale of Code Geass. Sad twist of fate that is.

Impressions: Potemayo aka. “So moe I’m dead!”

Posted by Demian @ 7:38 pm, July 26th, 2007


Turns out Moeblob the anime is actually entertaining. Who knew?


What is Potemayo? Well, no one really knows. Best guess is that some cat carcass got genetically crossed with a mountain load of sugar and revived by voodoo magic, but that’s just a guess. How she ended up in Moriyama’s refrigerator is another mystery, but I don’t think that he’s complaining. Not that he really has a thought about anything. Most taciturn protagonist in a comedy ever. What is known about Potemayo is that she can only speak in really cute sounds, is small, loves to eat, can’t control her bladder, has big enough teeth to rip your neck open, and is extremely violent to small birds and girl stalkers. And she’s a moeblob, the most perfect moeblob ever created. Not even “ughuu” can beat her. Hell, she even turns straight men gay (though there’s a question to Mudo’s straightness even before episode 2).


Aside from Potemayo there’s Guchuko, another weird moeblob that pops out of Moriyama’s fridge. Guchuko comes equipped with a scythe to cut apart anything that annoys her, yet she’s polite enough to tape back together what she destroys. Very thoughtful of her. She also has two sentient hairbands that shoot lasers from their mouths. Yes, it makes no sense, but how can you say no to being lasered to death by Guchuko when she’s so cute?


Potemayo has no real plot and just focuses on the many comedic relations between these strange people/moeblobs. It’s a refreshing comedy that relies more on physical humor and character quirks than X number of anime references or mindless fanservice. Aside from the moeblobs there’s Potemayo’s owner Moriyama, the said taciturn protagonist. You have to respect any guy that can take wearing a skirt and getting his head pissed on with a straight face. Moriyama’s just that kind of man. His two male friends I like to dub the ambigiously gay duo. Mudo is a member of the male cheerleading club, which he only seems to be in so he can wear a skirt. Meanwhile, Mudo’s large friend obsesses over his wellbeing all the time and brings up Brokeback Mountain as a prime example of male friendship. Yeah, there’s some questions about these two.


But none of them beat Mikan, Moriyama’s stalker. Perhaps even stalker is too lite a word for her. She constantly obsesses over Moriyama’s every action and word, exploding into fits of fangirlish glee when he even so much as looks at her. Two of these fits even get her sent to the hospital, which I found hilarious. Any scene that dramatically cuts to the character leaving in an ambulance I just love. Mikan’s two female friends aren’t as crazy as the rest; one being the object of Guchuko’s dere-dere mode while the other points out how stupid everyone is in a very annoying high pitched voice. Potemayo is looking to be the surprise hit for the summer season. Hell, it’s already taken /a/ over. I’m looking forward to more of this, but hopefully I won’t have diabetes by the end from the moe overload.

Game Review: Kagetsu Tohya

Posted by Demian @ 7:32 pm, July 25th, 2007


My review for Kagetsu Tohya is now up at here.

KT has strengthened my love for Tsukihime as a whole. It may be premature to say this, but I like it even more so than Fate/stay Night. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges to me, so they both have their merits; but the atmosphere, the characterization, the plot of Tsukihime just appeals to me more. I also like Shiki a hell of a lot more than Shirou. At least he doesn’t get on my nerves every five minutes. While it’s sad to think I’ve finished everything in the Tsukihime cycle of games, I’m thankful I got a chance to play them at all. So a big thanks to everyone who had a hand in translating these wonderful games. I guess I could wait for Tsukihine II now…yeah, right. Tsukihime II will come out when the anti-spirals come to destroy the world probably. Nice to think about, though. The game, not the world destruction.

Seven Years Later

Posted by Demian @ 6:55 pm, July 24th, 2007

Time skip time. Simon is GARer, Rossiu is evil and has an army of nerds behind him, Nia is posessed evil, Yoko is missing, Viral is a GARMOE freedom fighter, and Darry is delicious jailbait. Pretty good so far. Oh, and the new OP is “I shat bricks” epic.


I definitely hate Rossiu now. He went from being mostly useless to a mad scientist with an inflated ego. While I understand the necessity to find the truth of Lord Genome’s message, the way Rossiu goes about it is all wrong. No wonder there are anti-government groups with him as the shadow ruler. Wonder why Simon even trusts the guy anymore. Though, I really wouldn’t trust anyone else in the Dai-Gurren Brigade to run the government either. Freedom fighters just aren’t good bureucrats. In the coming episodes Rossiu will probably do a coup’d et while the anti-spirals are attacking and imprison Simon then. Hopefully he can die afterwards in the appropiate self-sacrificial fashion.


I’m very curious as to who the anti-spiral tribe is and what is their relation to Nia. Obviously the spiral power is a lot more dangerous than we know, at least to the people in power. Lord Genome must have known this and was probably forced by the anti-spiral tribe to force humans underground, or chose to in order to save the race at large. He may of then been forced to create Nia as a key to the human extermination program, but we really don’t know yet. Maybe we’ll find out when Rossiu talks to his disembodied head. And posessed evil Nia is sexy, in an evil way. Come on Nia X Evil Nia doujins! And I have to laugh at how things have gone from fighting furries to fighting geometry. It’s odd but it works.


Viral the freedom fighter was unexpected, going from oppressing the people to fighting for them. Though it is a natural extension of his rivalry with Simon. Once Simon gets sent to prison I can see him and Viral teaming up in garness to break out. And Viral’s goodbye to his beloved Enkududu was touching, in a manly tears way. Him and Simon need to Gattai now to form one of the bigass mechas from the OP. The new Grapals are rather pathetic for being based off of Gurren-Lagann. A machine gun and a sword, how exciting. At least Darry can pilot well, among other things. Thank god every girl in GL is so healthy. Surprised at how good the animation still is this late in the series. Hopefully GL will maintain that level of quality to the end. A week is really too long to wait for a new episode. Guess I’ll have to placate myself through more Darry fanart.

Henshin! Awesome Dad Super-1!!

Posted by Demian @ 8:44 pm, July 23rd, 2007






By day Sojirou Izumi is a normal otaku housedad, but when evil threatens Sojirou reveals his true nature: A cyborg who can transform into the super hero Awesome Dad Super-1! His mission is to destroy the organization that killed his beloved wife Kanata, the evil Dogma Empire! Fight to protect the freedom of Japan Awesome Dad Super-1!

If the heavy handed parody isn’t enough to say it, Awesome Dad’s henshin transformation is a reference to the 1980 tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Super-1. Comparison transformation on youtube here. I wonder why they chose Super-1 and not the more recognizable Kamen Rider 1 and 2 transformations? Kyoani still prove themselves to be the craziest otaku of them all.



April Fool’s Day is the best. I didn’t know the japanese even celebrated it.


The fated destiny of the two lovers.


Continue the fight, Kuroi-sensei!


There’s something wrong with this picture. I can’t quite place my eyebrows on it…



You trained in the school of the Undefeated of the East, Minoru Shiraishi?! Does your manliness know no bounds?!

Not as funny as the other ones, but you can really tell they’re having fun doing these things. I have a strong urge to go find an ocean cliff now.

Off-Topic: Thoughts on the Harry Potter Series

Posted by Demian @ 7:27 pm, July 22nd, 2007

So it’s done; I’ve finished the last book of the Harry Potter series. Surprisingly better than I expected. So, yeah, beware of spoilers.

For the first time I actually felt like there was a war going on with serious consequences for everyone. The final battle at Hogwarts was just epic; I’m a sucker for those battles where everyone comes to together to overcome evil. Very emotional to me. Harry’s semi-death and rebirth was a nice touch, skirting the whole “will he die” question while still showing the whole point of the series: That people shouldn’t fear death at all. Sadly, the final duel between Harry and Voldemort was disappointing, the victory coming down to a silly technicality of wand ownership. Now, Neville chopping off the snake’s head, that was badass. That’s what I wanted the final fight to be like, though I imagined Harry charging Voldemort with a wand in one hand and sword in the other. Guess that’s expecting too much.

The number of deaths wasn’t really surprising, though the people that went down were. I felt Moody deserved a better death, but he died nobly still. Dobby’s was the only one that made me feel sad, partially just the brutality of it. Lupin’s and Tonk’s deaths were bad just because they had a child, but at least they went together. Snape’s death was rather disappointing, having his head bitten off by a snake. Didn’t even get to do anything heroic. After finding everything out about his life, he really was the most pitiable character of them all. I was sure Ron was going to die, but instead Fred did. I’m kind of disappointed one of the main three didn’t die. It’s like all these secondary characters are gone, but none of the rest are hurt.

The Deathly Hallows plotline felt tacked on; something else to have Voldemort hunt for instead of going after Harry. It was an interesting concept, but could of been handled better. None of the objects really felt that powerful aside from the stone. I did like how Gindlewald was drawn into the plot and that bit of history. The parallels between him and Hitler really were explicit in several places. The early part of the plot got annoying fast, with the constant hiding and bickering among the three. A few things also seemed a little too coincidental, a little too neat. Though, I have to hand it to Rowling to have the foresight for all the foreshadowing to actually mean something.

And finally there’s the epilogue. I absolutely hated it. A piece of sentimental crap that told us nothing like an epilogue should. Harry and Ginny got married and had kids. How exciting. Maybe a future for every character is too much, but I would of like something better than that. Like what Harry is doing, how did the wizarding world change, how did hogwarts recover, what the hell happened to Luna (best female character btw)? Overall, the series was a fun ride marred by reoccuring bouts of bad pacing, bad characterization, and sappy romance. A traditional coming-of-age story, though an exciting one. It was fun.