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Posted by Demian @ 4:25 pm, March 13th, 2007

All of this courtesy of ANS:

How can live-action top this?

Negima will apparently be turned into a live-action drama soon. All I can say is ” huh? ” How is Negima even supposed to work in live-action? Two anime series haven’t done it right, even if Negima?! is a good show, so a live-action one wouldn’t even come close. Sounds like Ken Akumatsu milking a franchise for all it’s worth.

How can I get more Millay without a 26-episode series?

We all know by now that Code Geass is getting a second season, but apparently the format is undecided and split between TV, movie, and OVA. How can they be undecided about this? There’s way too much material in CG to fit a movie or ova. Only a 26-episode series can do it justice. Is it money problems? Yeah, right. Sunrise is rolling in money. Hopefully they’ll go the tv route. Also, the broadcast date for episodes 24 and 25 haven’t been decided yet, so 23 will be the de facto end of the season. Watch it be a cliff hanger. Damn Goldenweek, messing up my anime.

How about letting this be the manga? It’d sell millions, I say.

The third volume of My-Otome Zwei has been given a definite release date of May 25. A little late, but I’m used to it. Also, the My-Otome manga will start again this month from where it ended. Their probably banking off the success of Zwei, so maybe the manga will tie in somehow. But the manga is so radically different that the two couldn’t possibly go together. Oh well, I loved the manga so more of it isn’t a bad thing.

My-Haruka Zwei: The Greatest Hostage Crisis Ever Told

Posted by Demian @ 8:28 pm, February 27th, 2007

Weapon in one hand, waifu in the other. Let’s roll.

The side-characters were probably the best part of My-Otome and now we get an entire episode devoted just to them, with fan-favorites Haruka, Chie, Yukino, Tomoe, Sara, and Nao all making appearences. Haruka, or perhaps I should say HaruGAR, is awesome. I love how to everyone Haruka is a bigger national crisis than terrorists taking hostages. And apparently the best strategy they have to deal with her is to knock her out with rocks of ever-increasing size XD. Though, it’s not like Haruka can solve a hostage crisis that keeps getting interrupted by presidential candidates, psycho bitches, muffin breaks, or the random Arinko. Then there’s the tender yuri moments between Haruka and Yukino. Such a better couple than Natsuki and Shizuru. Of course Haruka, like the other great characters Miyu and Miss Maria, has to be turned to stone by the new villian to give he/she/it street cred. The thing looks like Fumi now, and uses a scythe, but it’s probably another copy image. I still say it has something to do with the Obsidian Lord.


I love how Chie was the only sane person, aside from Sara Gallagher, the whole episode. Nice to see her playing a straight, in the comedic sense, character instead of the parody of a lesbian she was. She also has her own robe now which apparently grants her the power to be a magician and use magical hats. Otome have some of the greatest powers evar. I mean a maician’s hat? Skull crotch? The Batman? Nekomimi? Side-boob? Otome are prepared for anything. Got some Sara love, which is always awesome. I swear Sara should just be batman. She can transform while riding a motorcycle and her robe’s power is to turn invisible. She even has a batarang! She’s the goddamn Batman now.


Psycho Tomoe is still psycho. After falling from 500 feet in the air and surviving, Tomoe apparently decided to pull a Hillary Clinton and go into politics. At first she dated Yukino’s presidential opponent, who looks exactly like the crazy art teacher from Hime, before deciding he was incompetent and siezing power for herself. She then mocks Arika before running away. Now there’s a leader I would vote for. And white suits with blue hair are sexy.

Nao + china dress + view from behind = win

Nao, sexy as ever, makes a short appearance towards the end, being sick and tired of Artai and wanting to escape. I can’t believe they made her a meister Otome. Then Nina appears for god knows what. For the other main character in the series they sure are hiding her. And she grew her hair long again. Nice. I don’t know what the next episode we’ll be, but the preview seems to hint at an Otome free-for-all wrestling match with Nina as Wrestler X. And Akane’s there too. Oh please let that happen Sunrise. It’d be the single greatest Otome episode ever.

My-Otome and Tide-Line Blue Licensed

Posted by Demian @ 2:47 pm, February 5th, 2007


Bandai Entertainment announced in a press release that it has now licensed both My-Otome and Tide-Line Blue for english distribution. Otome is pretty obvious, since My-Hime is now done and finished. Let’s see if people can stomach the crapfest of a story that was Otome. And I’m still waiting for that second episode of My-Otome Zwei. How many months is it now? As for tide line blue, did anyone even watch it when it came out? I vaguely remember it back in the spring, but not if it was any good or not.

Manga Review: Mai-Otome

Posted by Demian @ 10:49 pm, December 28th, 2006


Pure Win

Now that I’m done with Mai-Otome, I think I can confidently say I like the manga more than the anime. Yeah, I know the manga is cliche riddened and stuffed with fanservice, but then again wasn’t the anime the same? At least I enjoyed the fanservice in the manga, especially all the Hime stuff at the end. I’ve alway’s thought Hime was miles above Otome, so any nod to Hime is great to me. I liked how all the dark Hime’s were hedonistic lesbians. That was great ;). If you accept Mai-Otome as a tongue in cheek manga adaptation, than it’s really not too bad. The action could of been better than the ” my attack beats your attack! But I have this attack! ” and having a character block a fatal attack every chapter, just to still live. Actually that’s how the action in the anime went also, didn’t it? I’m happy Erusu-chan got to live in the manga though. One of the worse things the anime got wrong.


You know what else made the manga great? Manshiro, the most fucking badass trap EVAR! He’s a trap and GAR! He’s a GARTRAP! If all the women were extremely busty in Otome, which they were, than all the men were extremely gar. Nagi was a brat, but he died gar. The same with Rad. Sergey had some great evil gar moments. Even Tate, a dream fragment, was gar! Haven’t seen this high a density of gar since Fate/stay night. The only problem with the manga was proabably the slow part in the beginning. But once you get to around volume 3, it’s just straight awesome onto the end. Just don’t expect anything serious. That can definately kill your enjoyment.

And finally, eyepatch wearin’, gothloli Midori is hawt. That’s all.

My-Otome Zwei: Not That Bad

Posted by Demian @ 8:12 pm, December 4th, 2006

Let’s look past why a crappy series like My-Otome got an OVA, instead of the superior My-Hime, and instead look at why Zwei manages to redeem Otome somewhat so far.

Were gonna throw our Gae Bolg’s at it!

Plot armor is shiny.

Despite thinking Otome was terrible, I’ve still managed to enjoy this OVA so far. My personal theory is Hime=good characters+good plot=good show, while Otome=good character+shitty plot=pretty bad show. Since Sunrise hasn’t screwed up the plot yet, I can still enjoy the characters and the show.

Arika in stockings is incredibly moe.


I found Arika a lot less annoying this time, and actually a bit cute. Meister Arika is a lot better than schoolgirl Arika. She just seems more mature, even though she’s still clumsy and idealistic. It helps that the Meister uniforms are really hot. Those maid/school uniforms were fugly. Also, Arinko grew breasts! Anyone else notice the subtle breast jiggle when she attacked? Or was that just me? Oh, and Mashiro’s not as annoying and *gasp* responsible without being whiny! Her and Arinko fighting between practicality and idealism seems to be a major point of the plot. Oh goody, more Sunrise force fed politik.

Love that ” come hither ” look.

You could poke some eyes out with those things.

The old duo of Mai and Natsuki are still the same. Natsuki’s still useless. How many times has she lost her robe? Just how did she manage to become a meister? It’s a good thing she has Shizuru to protect her all the time. It’s also a good thing Shizuru has such a great swimsuit ;).Mai’s apparently given up any romantic interests, and his content with running a ramen shop and her loli/yuri/slave relationship with Mikoto. It was nice to finally see her robe transformation, and more of her fighting abilities. I still expect her to yell ” Kagutsuchi ! ” though. Ah, if only.



All the other characters get minor appearences. I love Gal-sensei (the small Swcharz robot), who says the most random engrish, though not as bad as Revy. Him(her?) and Irina make a great pair. Irina’s new outfit is definately a big win ;). Glad we get to see more of Miss Maria’s young self, but it’s too bad she get’s turned to stone too quickly. Just like poor Miyu. And for the two seconds we see Nina, I’m glad her hair’s grown out. Short hair didn’t work at all. I wonder what kind of relationship she and Sergei has now?

Great. Our villian looks like a Kingdom Hearts 2 reject.

That one light seems oddly placed…

Remember how I said Otome had a crappy plot? Well so far Zwei’s is alright. Were not quite sure who the villian is, beyond some alien from space, though I hope it’s connected to the Obsidian Lord from Hime. I still contend that Hime and Otome exist in the same universe. Sunrise would get a lot of praise from me if the alien takes the form of Raito from Hime, cause that guy was an absolute badass villian. Part of what hurt Otome was that Nagi was in no way the equal of sword-weilding, sister controlling Raito. But Sunrise never really seems to answer my wishes orz. At least make the final battle climatic, ok?

Help out with what? Catering?

Posing can win any battle!

The animation was very good I think. If the series had this kind of animation it would of been so much better. I still have to point out all the breast jiggling on the girls though. Sunrise sure knows what fans like. So now we all got to wait till next month for the next episode. Oh well, it’s better than three+ months for Diebuster I guess. This is gonna be good, as long as sunrise keeps the plot simple. No more father/daughter incest, ok?