Final Thoughts on Code Geass R2

Posted by Demian @ 8:12 pm, September 28th, 2008

Is it wrong that I actually want Lelouch to be dead? I agree that there’s stuff pointing to both interpretations, but that was too good of a death scene to waste on him just being alive. Lelouch’s bloody body sliding down to a chained and downright tortured looking Nunally was particularly gruesome yet beautiful in a morbid way. Lelouch allowing himself to be killed is certainly character redemption enough, and I’m not sure that after all he’s been through he would let himself live a peaceful life, but as I’ve said before I find it useless to analyze Geass too much so I’ll just say that it was a pretty good ending for the mess that preceded it. The characters all got their just desserts, and even Orange-kun came out on top. Loli-farmer-wife? Who wouldn’t want that?

All in all I can’t really say that Code Geass has been the best mecha series in a while, or even an overall good story. Too much wasted potential, terrible writing, and just general lack of direction marred the whole production. Truthfully I believe that CG was a victim of its own popularity. All the sudden this 26-episode show turned into a fifty-episode multimedia behemoth, and the writers had to come up with something to fill all that screen time. I do, however, appreciate what CG tried to do, to completely reverse and deconstruct common roles we all accept, perhaps not in a way as radical as Evangelion but in a way that demanded attention. Only in CG could the main character being killed for his crimes at the end be seen as a happy ending. A lot of good porn came out of all this too, so I can at least be happy for that.

Thoughts on Code Geass R2 23

Posted by Demian @ 9:56 pm, September 14th, 2008

Now Schneizel’s just a noraml megalomaniac villain who wants to nuke the whole world. Very original there. And I have to love that his big evil plan is basically an orbital nuke platform that probably took trillians of dollars to make. Apparently no one in the Geass world has invented ICBM’s either, or all of this could of been done easily a long time ago.

Bitch don’t know about my coincidentally placed machine gun. Most ignoble death for an awesome character ever?

“What is this feeling in my metal heart. Could it be…love?” Orange x Sayoko is the most unlikely and awesome pairing to come out of Code Geass yet.

Lelouch finally realizes that being evil means screwing a lot of people over for goals higher than your own petty semblance of love. And I swear C.C. is the only actual female character in the show now. All those other women are just gratuitous cameos.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes this isn’t. Even lowly Bittenfeld could run circles around these guys while waving underwear in their faces.

So the sweet little innocent girl, who we’ve been told is sweet and innocent the whole show, is now completely willing to launch a WMD at brainwashed soldiers just because her brother lied to her, and she’s doing all this for the other guy that is lying to her, even though she’s supposed to have some insane lying detector ability? Yeah, whatever, that makes sense.

Code Geass R2 21 - I Liked It Better When It Was Called Third Impact

Posted by Demian @ 11:47 am, September 1st, 2008

Really? Your grand master plan is the same old “rid the barriers of humanity” crap that every other villain uses? Weren’t you the one that said “men are not created equally,” and now you’re going to make them all equal? Way to be a hypocrite, Emperor. I bet you’re going to say you love your children now too…damn it.

I’m sorry Lelouch, but your mother is a whore.

I still want to know why they keep using Jupiter as World of C/God/Collective Unconscious/whatever. Jupiter just makes it even more confusing, especially when you can apparently geass an entire planet too.

Note to future supervillains, do the right thing and don’t abandon your kids. They’ll probably be just as smart as you and with even more of an ax to grind.

The Emperor finally fulfills his dream of being superman moments before his death. How did he launch himself near horizontally without any legs?

Spinzaku Hurricane Drop Kick!

So now Lelouch is the Emperor and Suzaku is his heterosexual life partner again. Really, I see no problem with Lelouch being Emperor now. This whole time he’s just been using others as excuses to cover up his own ambition. Even without them it’s still natural for him to aim for the top. I just don’t know why Suzaku is there. His hurricane kick must get its spin power from him changing his mind so much.

Code Geass R2 20 - Can I Get a Collective “WHAT!?”

Posted by Demian @ 4:14 pm, August 25th, 2008

I don’t think killing your father is so much a childish action as a sociopathic one. There’s a key difference there.

CG finally caters to the hypnosis fetish sect. In all seriousness, is Marianne possessing Anya’s loli body and wanting to rape C.C. not the weirdest plot twist yet? Were there any crazy theories out there that even saw this coming at all? Not only that, but Marianne also acts like some giddy high school girl about to go out on the town when she’s really probably plotting for some evil aliens. This is the person Lelouch has been trying to avenge? Did he meet her at all? Truly CG is unpredictable now.

The evil Geass Penguins are the true third faction in this battle. Fleeing Jupiter millenia ago, they flew through interstellar space on their wings of light, which rendered them useless in a real atmosphere. They now plot to cover the Earth in ice so they can move to the equator and enjoy tropic beaches FOREVER!

There’s another plot hole covered up. Or maybe they just finally took the time to lampshade it.

“Coup d’etat you say? Capital idea. Lackey, set things in motion. I’m going to go have some Earl Gray while I ruminate on my best evil laugh.”

Suzaku has effectively achieved the most pathetic retreat in anything ever.

I just love Lelouch’s ostentsious display of fabulousness here. Not only did he have to geass all those guys into that formation, but if you also notice there’s no one around to even see it! Lelouch is great this episode as everyone else is running around trying to figure out what’s going on, and he’s just like “Lol I’m gonna fuck your shit up now.” Lelouch with no morals is truly the best Lelouch.

So all the animation budget for this episode went into animating two giant CG pillars of rotating poo? Great, just great.

I am Zero! Listen to my Song!

Posted by Demian @ 6:59 pm, August 20th, 2008

Zero should keep his day job as megalomaniacal world conqueror.

Thoughts on Code Geass 19 aka. The Freak Out Episode

Posted by Demian @ 4:54 pm, August 18th, 2008

“Oh my god, what is this pain in my head? Is this what people call a conscience? Can I kill it with FLEIA?”

This is the most commanding Lelouch, as himself or Zero, has sounded in the entire time of the show. He should of acted like that to rally his forces earlier.

Quick! Before his pupils burst or he has an aneurysm! Lelouch must have some insane blood pressure issues by now with how outraged he has to look all the time.

Despite the train wrecks, character derailments, and general insanity that is Code Geass, Lloyd is still awesome, ironically enough for being questionably insane himself. Would love to see an OVA dealing with Lloyd’s crazy early years at college.

When THIS GUY is the best substitute you can find for your second-in-command then you know you’re in trouble. The Black Knights always really have been a pathetic organization that acts like a chicken with its head cut off whenever Zero disappears. And this is with great minds like Toudou, Rakshata, Diethard, and Ohgi around. No wonder they can’t win back Japan, even with Zero! It’ll be interesting to see what role they play as the series winds up to its climax, but it’s hard to see them as more than glorified cannon fodder at this point.

Touche Sunrise for actually making Rolo’s death memorable and somewhat sad. Admittedly any character monologue set to a Hitomi song comes out great no matter what. In the end Rolo really is a tragic character, betrayed by everyone he knows, and while even recognizing the fact that he is being used chooses to go out as the best tool possible. The heavily doubled meaning final conversation between him and Lelouch also works great as there’s still a lingering doubt about how much Lelouch cared for Rolo and what did he view him as: a dear friend or a useful tool that saved its master? And what does that say about Lelouch at this point?

Suzaku finally snaps. Let the fires of hell engulf the Earth as the Lancelot rises above all as the dark god of destruction. Or maybe he’ll just go and beat Lelouch up. Or the Emperor. Or whoever he thinks is the villain now. Cause, obviously, it’s not him. He wears white after all.

Thoughts on Code Geass R2 18

Posted by Demian @ 9:16 pm, August 11th, 2008

After marathoning twenty episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes in a row I can tell ya, Schneizel is no Kaiser Reinhard, despite the similar flowing locks. Seven episodes from the end and I still have no idea if he’s the bad guy or not. We’ve seen more of Charles this season than him, which may make Schneizel more the quirky, yet smart, miniboss.

That is one compact weapon of mass destruction.

Orange-kun wins with his FABULOUS cockpit posing. He’s good enough to do it even when no one can see him at all.

I fail to see how crossed hand typing makes anything go faster.

The real question shouldn’t be why isn’t Kallen fighting in her boob enhancer dress, but how did she get her hair to stand up so fast? Did Sayoko’s gift also contain advanced hair care products?

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that there were other hot girls and we only got to see them for a second when they were killed. That’s really below Code Geass standards. There wasn’t even a full boob shot! It’ll be interesting to see if any hardcore S&M Luciano x Valkyrie Team doujins come out of this episode.

It’s like some unholy fusion of God Gundam, Gurren Lagann, and the Flash. Kallen really is Domon’s daughter. Lloyd and Cecile’s reactions were great when Kallen showed up, especially since they were more concerned with her taking it than how much it would screw the Britannian army over.

No Sayoko, you can’t die! Just use your super meido ninjitsu to teleport out of there or something. Leave Nunnally behind though; she’s just dead weight.

Finally Code Geass has reached the point I hoped it had already reached eighteen episodes ago. The point where Lelouch would finally abandon all his lofty ideals about protecting Nunnally and such and admit he’s an egomanical magnificent bastard and wants to just rule the world for his own sake. Objectively Nunnally’s been a thorn in his side the whole time, with countless plans failing because she needed last minute protection or rescuing. Well no more. She’s been nuked and it’s time for Lelouch to go psychotic on everyone’s asses, which the preview shows he’s getting a start with Rolo. And if it turns out Nunnally has just been teleported away by a wizard, then the status quo really is god and we’re getting a harem ending.