Posted by Demian @ 8:09 pm, April 3rd, 2008
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The wild train wreck is finally over. I guess most would say that’s a good thing, but honestly I did enjoy watching Dragonaut. Does that mean Dragonaut was good? Hell no, it was an epic catastrophe of plot, characters, and pacing. It’s the definition of a bad anime. However, it became so bad it became good again. It’s so easy to laugh at Kazuki’s homoerotic passion and Gio’s hair metal outfit. The show is more a comedy than anything. I think Dragonaut is the kind of uniquely weird show that only a few people can stand, but for those few people it’s great.



I mean, just look at this! Gio starts fighting Ostrum with both of them on their hands and kicking with their feet like break dancers. For the final battle Gio glows gold and grows a giant sword from his forehead to ram passionately into the enemy dragon. I am not making this up.

The glow is all from the breasts. They require the sustenance of virgin souls to grow.

Aside from liking Dragonaut for being bad, there are a couple things I genially liked about it. As I’ve said before I’m a man of many sexual fetishes, and the character designs by Uno Makoto are right up my alley. Sure, Garnet’s breasts have a life of their own, and one could tell how high the animation budget was for a particular scene by seeing how skimpy Toa’s hot pants became, but designs like Toa and Sieglinde are still just pure sex. The music is also surprisingly good. There are many great instrumental tracks in this show, which is why it’s a shame I can’t find the soundtrack anywhere.

Hmm…delicious Sieglinde ass.Great way to end a series.

Dragonaut should be called a classic of bad anime for our own time. It’s only fitting for the brave and mocking at heart. I think one can tell if they’ll like Dragonaut by the end of the first episode. Hearing Kazuki yell “GIOOOOO!” that first time is all it takes.

Well said, Liner. Show in a nutshell.

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