Who ya gonna call? Negi-sensei!

Posted by Demian @ 3:36 pm, November 30th, 2006
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And so the final element of any good harem is introduced: a ghost! Wait, what? Can you even have sex with that?



Isn’t it sad Sayochin?

In this stand alone episode we’re introduced to Sayo, the class’s resident ghost. She’s quite cute actually, very goofy for a ghost? Of course she’s overjoyed Negi can finally see her, but when they try to figure out why she’s a ghost, there’s a problem. She can’t remember anything! I guess it’s hard to form memories when your dead. So what better way to awaken those dead (literally) memories then terrifying all your classmates? I know I would do it. And that’s where the real fun begins.




A little set-up here. Secchan believes that by using this cup ” hotline ” she can be connected to her Ojou-sama’s room 24-hours a day. Clearly, Konoka shows her the fault in that plan. Why not use a cellphone? I wonder if Secchan is dumb, or if she is just to close to Konoka’s weirdness. Maybe Konoka’s the smart one of the pair? She does hold all the power in the relationship…


? Don’t ask me why Kaede is eating a bannana in a stripper’s biker outfit, with the tokimeki chicken no less.





Shota Stalker Iincho-san is scary, though that toaster is kinda cool. And +5 agility for Asuna’s wacky hair.





I love all the freakout faces. Notice the same legend of zelda background type used from paniponi? There seriously needs to be an omake battle, with Negi and Eva vs. Becky and Hazuki. An ultimate battle of the Loli’s! I predict Nekomimi win. Also, woohoo for the five-seconds of Mana! There’s an extreme lack of her awesome gun-slinging skills and exotic sexiness. If they would just animate the Kyoto arc…but I digress.



After the class see’s Sayo, due to some of Eva’s magic, she’s finally accepted into the class and gets her happy ending. Isn’t it wonderful Sayochin? Your still dead though.

Impressions: Gift~eternal rainbow~

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