I like Masami Obari’s anime. I like their haphazard storytelling, lanky men, even more voluptuous women, and extremely cool mecha. They’re the epitome of the style over substance anime. Gravion, being a later Obari work, fortunately has a much more straight forward story without lacking any of the other vital components of an Obari work; namely fanservice and mecha.

The plot begins with Eiji Shigure breaking into the castle of the mysterious Sandman to find out the fate of his sister Ayaka, who disappeared earlier under Sandman’s services. This being a mecha anime, soon the big bad attack, dubbed Zeravire, and Eiji finds himself enlisted into the Fellows of the Gran Divas to fight the new threat. Ironically Eiji is not actually the main pilot of Gravion, that going to the mysterious Toga, and, really, in an Obari anime who isn’t mysterious? Instead Eiji pilots the jet that becomes the foot of Gravion. I thought that was a neat little subversion right there.

Aside from Eiji and Toga there’s the four main ladies who also serve as Gravion’s pilots: the feisty Luna Gusuku who screams main love interest, the fanservice magnet Mizuki Tachibana, the incompetent head maid Ena, and the always mysterious blue haired loli Leele. A lot of people have described another Obari work, Dancouga Nova, as the third season of Gravion, and I know why now. The two are stylistically the same with Gravion having a better budget. The best description of Gravion however is Dancouga Nova meets Hanaukyo Maid Tai. Sandman has a literal army of maids at his disposal, from the usual clean up staff to the maintenance crew that wears overalls and frilly hats. Per Obari tradition they all have weird colored hair and huge breasts too.

The whole thing is a lot of fun though in the best Obari way. Everyone shouts out attack names, the girls always know when to show some skin, and Gravion features a new attack every episode. Pure guilty fun. The main flaw would have to be that the show ends abruptly at episode thirteen. Of course, there’s Gravion Zwei to immediately pick up the story, but I would be really pissed with that kind of ending if I was watching the show as it aired. Considering the year time difference between the end of Gravion and the beginning of Zwei, it’s probably good I didn’t watch it as it aired.