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From entertainment value alone I loved it. Everything a good space opera finale, and more importantly a Macross finale should be: Planes, lasers, music, and tons of hot-blooded yelling all thrown into one big pot of awesome. SMS’s Captains little manly speech was cool enough, but add with everything else it was just a footnote. All the Macross shout-outs were also great, like Macross 11, the V-9 Ghost Droids, Birler just wanting to meet Minmei, finally connecting the Vajra to the Birdman, and DUEL MACROSS ATTACKS FUCK YEAH!. Ozma’s shout of Totsugeki Love Heart was also oddly badass, but it would of been better if they actually played the song. Surely they could have taken time away from that bizarrely mis-matched medley for it.

From an objective point, however, I do have to say that the finale suffered from just cramming too many revelations at once. I’m glad they actually managed to cover everything in a way that’s somewhat possible, but it would have been nice for things to be spread out more. Which is probably a complaint that could be said of Macross Frontier as a whole. When it was good, which was mostly the battles, it was great. Everything else averaged between fun if shallow and just being mediocre. I blame mostly the series direction for that, but god knows Alto the King of Waffling didn’t help things either. All in all probably a worthy addition to the Macross franchise, but a mid-tier showing at best. Zero is still my favorite, because I actually cared about what was happening to the main characters there.