Don’t Give Dragons to Crazy People

Posted by Demian @ 12:23 pm, November 23rd, 2007


Kazuki just gets crazier and crazier with every episode. Just love his emo face contortions here. I was really hoping Jin would kick his ass after Kazuki punched him to the ground, but he’s a little hung up on Toa for the moment. Kazuki still needs a good ass kickin’, though, preferably from Gio so he can beat it in Kazuki’s head that he can think for himself. It’s hard to see why the ISDA and the rest of them even put up with Kazuki’s antics. Shouldn’t someone realize it’s not such a great idea to even let such a crazy guy be anywhere near a dragon? Or maybe they’re just like every other incompetent evil anime organization and run by brains in jars.

Thank god someone finally said it so I don’t have to.

I really disliked Toa running away again. It’s like the story took three steps forward and two steps back. If Toa has such an important mission to accomplish then why not just tell Jin so they can get it over with and then move on to more important things, like hawt buttsechs? Though, I guess there is the residual guilt of Toa killing Jin’s entire family. That kind of puts a damper on things. Hopefully this revelation won’t lead to a few more episodes of “Jin leaves, realizes how much he loves Toa because she’s the first girl who’s been nice to him, and tries to find her again.” I know Dragonaut has bad writing, but it doesn’t have to be predictably bad writing. Hopefully Toa and Jin’s little love story will meet up with the main plot soon so we can really get things rolling.

Become an Hero

Posted by Demian @ 11:30 pm, November 9th, 2007


Just do it already. If you aren’t going to kill yourself than kill Jin already, man whore that he is; stealing the dragon you only knew for five minutes. God, Kazuki is so crazy. I love this show.

Why I Love Dragonaut

Posted by Demian @ 9:28 pm, November 3rd, 2007


Ever since Dragonaut first began it’s been the show I look forward to watching every week (tied with Gundam 00 but I’ve already talked about it). The show’s not the best but it’s fresh and fun enough to keep me entertained. First off, it would be a lie for me to deny that the only reason I first watched Dragonaut was for Makoto Uno’s completely sexy female character designs. I am a man of many fetishes, and big breasts happen to be near the top of that list. I can understand why some, or a lot, of people would be put off by the designs, but they’re perfect for me. All of the women just have this naturalistic, sexy look. Toa and Garnet are tied as my favorite girls. And I didn’t even realize until episode 5 that Garnet is voiced by Aya Hirano! Her vocal range has really improved.


However, rarely do I watch a show just for fanservice. There has to at least be a decent story backing it up. Dragonaut fortunately has a good, better than decent but not excellent, story. There’s still a lot of secrets in the show, but the basic premise has been laid out well, with enough differing characters and organizations to allow for some good drama. My only complaint with the story so far is that no one’s explained what the hell the Gillard Army is; though, we do know they’re evil. Admittedly with a large cast a lot of characters haven’t really been developed well thus far, but those that have are compelling and are why I keep watching.


First is Jin, who defied every expectation of mine in becoming a comptetent lead who knows when to take action. It’s great to have seen him grow from a whiny guy in episode 1 to someone who charges into danger by episode 5. I also like the teamwork between him and Gio, with both of them working towards a mutual goal and combining their different strengths. A far cry from the one-dimensional master-servant relationships in the rest of the show.


Kazuki is also a fun character, but for completely different reasons. The guy is fucking insane. Everytime someone mentions Gio’s name he looks like he wants to hunt Jin down and tear his head off. He acts like a girl who got dumped on prom night and wants revenge in the most gruesome way possible now. I really want to see what happens with him and how crazy he will get. Hopefully, when the blue-haired lady becomes his partner, because we all know she’s a dragon, he won’t get sane all of a sudden. He needs to go Nina on eveybodies’ asses.


As for the CG dragons, I’ve seen enough bad CG from both Gonzo and others that it doesn’t even effect me anymore. Mecha dragons are a cool idea and their designs are good, so I’ll just leave it at that. The rest of the animation has been nice, especially fight scenes. Gio vs. Garnet in episode 5 was perfect in more ways than one. Dragonaut isn’t a masterpiece, but there’s enough plot and good characters to create a very interesting story here. I have no idea where things are going even now, but that’s a nice feeling for a change. Gonzo could screw things up, but I’ll believe in them for now.

Impressions: Gundam 00, Shakugan no Shana II, Dragonaut ~ The Resonance

Posted by Demian @ 5:13 pm, October 8th, 2007

Gundam 00

This is one action packed first episode. Excellent animation with a style that reminds me of Code Geass, which is to be expected probably. Love the fight scenes so far, very fluid. Absolutely love the enemy grunt mechs. There’s just something to them that’s so perfect. The ground unit is all bulky and menacing, while the aerial unit has the sleak design touch. The gundams aren’t too shabby themselves; Dynames is my favorite so far from seeing it in action. Who doesn’t love a sniper? Virtue(?) is still ugly as hell though and Queen of Overkill. The GN particle drive that lets Exia fly is also a little too ridiculous. I know gundam hasn’t been real robot since like Victory, but how far am I supposed to suspend disbelief? I quite liked the OP. The images and music went together a lot better than I expected.



As for the actual plot, nothing that substantial so far. Bunch of characters show up, but we don’t even know anything about them or their names. Lockon seems pretty cool so far; the name fits the attitude. Chinese Dress Girl was definately a plus, for reasons I don’t think I need to describe. Finally the “shocking” and somewhat amusing revelation at the end about Celestial Beings ending wars through force. Still sounds like Dancouga Nova to me. Things didn’t work out too well in Dancouga either. I’m kind of excited since this is the first time I’ll be seeing a gundam show as it airs since probably G Gundam, and I wasn’t as connected to the fandom as I am now, so I’m hoping it will be a fun, speculative ride.

Shakugan no Shana II

As for the first episode of Shakugan no Shana II, what can I say beyond that was boring as hell. It was a recap that wasn’t recap. It showed scenes from last season but no detail as to what was happening, so I’m still lost (it’s been a year since I last watched Shana and all I can seem to remember is that Shana likes melonpan). New creepy girl villian introduced, and killed, but nothing that exciting. I do like her design, though. Reminds me of Touhou. I will say I thought the animation was quite good and I really love the OP. It’s only fitting Shana should have a good OP even if the actual episode sucked. Let’s hope the pace picks up next episode.

Dragonaut ~ The Resonance

I am a shallow man. As a shallow man I have a weakness for large breasts. This is the only reason I decided to even look at Dragonaut. Best to be honest with my readers upfront. As far as my voyeuristic needs are concerned Dragonaut serves them well. The animation is crisp and Makoto Uno’s character designs are downright sexy. OP itself is also pretty nice.




Turns out there’s actually a serviceable plot behind the semi-fanservice. While several of the characters are shrouded in mystery this first episode and secret organizations are lurking about, I expect them to be cleared up pretty soon. Looks like there will also be dragons fighting in this show, which is something you don’t see enough of in anime. As I’m more forgiving of Gonzo CG than most, should be pretty cool. As long as the main character isn’t a complete pansy and actually goes after the girl he wants I should be okay to continue this.