As I’ve stated elsewhere in this blog I love camp. I love overly buff men fighting eachother in a post-apocalyptic wasteland for honor and all that stuff. I love exaggerated fighting moves with complicated names and dramatic reactions. This is why G Gundam is my favorite gundam series and why Muteki Kanban Musume is the best thing I’m watching right now.

Heaven or Hell! Let’s Rock!

Muteki Kanban Musume, or Noodle Fighter Miki, is a manga series that has been turned into an anime. It also turns out the manga is actually released in America. By who you say? ADV, so don’t expect to see it in the future. Hopefully tokyopop will take it it like it did ARIA (and I’m still waiting for the rest of Gunslinger Girl!). Our title hero Miki is the poster/delivery girl for her family’s ramen restaurant. She’s also the worst delivery girl in existence, continually getting distracted and losing the ramen. Miki is also the strongest person in the city and is regularly challenged by those around her.




They include Megumi, the poster girl of the bakery across from Miki’s family restaurant and expert at throwing sharpened sticks. Kankurou, the kid who Miki alway’s bullied and has returned after four year’s of Hard Train-I mean college to beat her. Of course compared to Miki he’s very weak and loses all the time. He also has the strange habit of ending all his sentences with Nya. Rounding out the group is Kayahara-sensei, the perpetually gloomy and suicidal teacher who everybody thinks is a ghost because she looks like Sadoko from the Ring. She also reminds me of Sayako from Mahoraba. She doesn’t really fight but tries to help because she’s a teacher. Finally there’s Akihiko, the only normal person and our narrator. Who also happens to be addicted to a power rangers ripoff.



And if all that wasn’t enough ep. 8 introduced the best evil villian EVAR! Hell Bunny, a bunny girl from hell I guess. The best part is that she has that anime haughty Hohoho laugh that Megumi has, leading everyone to think she’s the villian (of course Megumi likes thinking she’s the star). It was also fun seeing the generically weak pink ranger learn to become strong from god fighter Miki. We better see more of Hell Bunny-sama, seeing how she’s in the opening and all (it also seemed she could fight Miki equally, so that would be an awesome finale).

I’m sorry all my pics are blatantly from the op, but I’m just lazy. Inster have some Master Asia, whom I keep thinking about whenever I watch this.