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Adult Evangeline is some much hotter than her loli self.

Obligatory end of arc impressions.



So Negima!?’s first story arc finishes strong, though still there could of been some improvements. First I really wasn’t as wowed as many fellow bloggers were at the action scenes. Negamia was given a stronger set-up, but still it’s fight scene paled in comparison to superior tsukuyomi grandpa vs. Kinkel or fate vs. Nanoha battles. This being by the same director I was expecting more. Hopefully later fights we’ll be more fleshed out and exciting (maybe Negi won’t run away half the time). However I did really like Asuna’s transformation. Can’t go wrong with a badass sword you can hardly swing. I have to say I’m really warming up to Asuna. She’s too dumb not to like ;).

Chamo: It’s what’s for dinner.

Goin’ super saiyan 3 on your ass.

And that brings me to what I’m really liking about Negima!? so far: the comedy. With such a rich cast of characters I can’t help but find something to laugh at. I mean, how about Setsuka completely obsessing over a game and being embarassed at being found out, and Konoka being obsessed with it later? Konoka and Setsuka are quickly becoming a favorite pair of mine. Best part was definately Asuna’s shoe throwing antics at Evangeline. Who thought the girl could lift a boat? So far Negima is like a crazy mixture of paniponi, tsukuyomi, and nanoha thrown in a blender, and I’m liking it. Just fix up the fight scenes will ya? I really hope they’ll animate the awesome looking time-travel arc I’ve seen manga scans of. I mean that shit looks EPIC in a great way. I definately think I’m picking up the manga soon.

Why indeed.



I have no idea why Evangeline say’s power after being clobbered by a boat. It’s just too weird. Hence why I title a post after it.