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Gonzo decided to broadcast two of its new shows, Blassreiter and Tower of Druaga, simultaneously in Japan and America, a highly unprecedented move I applaud them greatly for. Blassreiter, as I’ve mentioned before, is one of my most-anticipated shows for this season. Watching it in low quality on youtube did not hurt my enjoyment at all and the subs equal the best work of any fansub group, proving that simultaneous released are possible. On the show itself, it’s a very solid first episode, detailing the world of Blassreiter. The basic situation is that corpses have been reviving as mutated zombies capable of fusing with anything, and are kind of causing a ruckus. The XAT team, our main heroes, fight these zombies known as Demoniacs, while also having to deal with unique Demoniacs who hunt others of their own kind.

I absolutely love the designs of the Demoniacs, both mechanical and organic at the same, as to be expected of Niθ who did the designs. How they fuse with common items is pretty cool, and I liked the novelty of the motorcycle legs. The action scenes were also great; I love the camera angles and how the camera moves with the action. The CG isn’t exactly the best in the world, but I’ve seen worst. I’m hardly one to let CG stop me from enjoying a show. We don’t get much of the characters yet except Gerd, who will probably be killed shortly, though I’m surprised he transformed into one of the purple warriors from the trailer. Amanda already features some of that Niθ hotness. A lot of people will be harsh on Blassreiter for its CG, but I like it for mixing two of my favorite genres: pulp horror and henshin heroes. I look forward to fun times from it.

The other show Gonzo put online is Tower of Druaga, though it appears that the episode online is not actually the real story and just Gonzo messing with people’s heads. It kind of makes sense actually, since the beginning and ending of the episode are so different from the rest. Most of the show is spent on Hero Jil’s quest to kill the evil god Druaga and mocking RPG cliches along the way.

The constant “I’m going to be married when I return to town” line before a character died was just hilarious, especially when Jil was like “why are you telling me this?” Honestly, there are a ton of funny scenes here. The main heroine is raped by a tentacle monster and actually has to yell at the guys to stop oggling and rescue her. All the characters put down goggles before Jil’s special attack. Jil promising to marry both the Princess and Fatina. Druaga telling Jill he is Jil’s father and Fatina begging Jil to kill Druaga anyways cause she doesn’t want such an ugly father-in-law. And the greatest thing is the power up scene at the end that looks just like Gurren Lagann, the same kind of detailed animation. That was just awesomely hilarious. It’s highly doubtful the actual show will be like this. It’s probably more a generic action/adventure, which means I won’t watch it. But this episode was still fun even if it is just a one-shot thing.