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It’s a shame I can’t find a version with subbed lyrics.

I’m not a fan of black metal, but as a fan of power metal, hair metal, and Spinal Tap I can say that Detroit Metal City is one of the most awesome anime to come out ever. It’s basic premise is just insane. Negishi, a completely innocent, swedish pop loving musician, somehow becomes Krauser II, lead for the over the top black metal band Detroit Metal City. It’s not that Negishi has multiple personalities or anything (he could though) but that he’s too nice to quite DMC. So instead of writing songs about love and sweaters he has to do songs about killing his parents, rape, serial killers, etc. Add in even crazier fans, one bizarre manager, and the many misunderstandings that ensue and you’ve got comedy gold.

DMC is the best music parody since This is Spinal Tap. The whole episode was hilarious because despite all the crazy elements a lot of it is true. Krauser II eating raw bats summons Ozzy Osbourne to mind. The insane fans that love air guitar are everywhere. When Krauser II did the teeth guitar bit I laughed so hard cause it just reminds me of so many musicians who have done similarly crazy stuff. Also reminds me of the scene from Spinal Tap where they try to play the guitar with a violin. Aside from the great comedy DMC’s music isn’t all that bad. Yeah the lyrics are messed up and if they were all in english the songs would make me cringe, but aside from that I like them. I also love how the OP is a pure DMC black metal song while the ED is one of Negishi’s mellow pop creations. Fits the mood swings of the show so perfectly. Really, this says everything about DMC:

Now go watch Detroit Metal City so Krauser II doesn’t have to kill and rape you, and he’ll do it in that order.