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After marathoning twenty episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes in a row I can tell ya, Schneizel is no Kaiser Reinhard, despite the similar flowing locks. Seven episodes from the end and I still have no idea if he’s the bad guy or not. We’ve seen more of Charles this season than him, which may make Schneizel more the quirky, yet smart, miniboss.

That is one compact weapon of mass destruction.

Orange-kun wins with his FABULOUS cockpit posing. He’s good enough to do it even when no one can see him at all.

I fail to see how crossed hand typing makes anything go faster.

The real question shouldn’t be why isn’t Kallen fighting in her boob enhancer dress, but how did she get her hair to stand up so fast? Did Sayoko’s gift also contain advanced hair care products?

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that there were other hot girls and we only got to see them for a second when they were killed. That’s really below Code Geass standards. There wasn’t even a full boob shot! It’ll be interesting to see if any hardcore S&M Luciano x Valkyrie Team doujins come out of this episode.

It’s like some unholy fusion of God Gundam, Gurren Lagann, and the Flash. Kallen really is Domon’s daughter. Lloyd and Cecile’s reactions were great when Kallen showed up, especially since they were more concerned with her taking it than how much it would screw the Britannian army over.

No Sayoko, you can’t die! Just use your super meido ninjitsu to teleport out of there or something. Leave Nunnally behind though; she’s just dead weight.

Finally Code Geass has reached the point I hoped it had already reached eighteen episodes ago. The point where Lelouch would finally abandon all his lofty ideals about protecting Nunnally and such and admit he’s an egomanical magnificent bastard and wants to just rule the world for his own sake. Objectively Nunnally’s been a thorn in his side the whole time, with countless plans failing because she needed last minute protection or rescuing. Well no more. She’s been nuked and it’s time for Lelouch to go psychotic on everyone’s asses, which the preview shows he’s getting a start with Rolo. And if it turns out Nunnally has just been teleported away by a wizard, then the status quo really is god and we’re getting a harem ending.