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“Oh my god, what is this pain in my head? Is this what people call a conscience? Can I kill it with FLEIA?”

This is the most commanding Lelouch, as himself or Zero, has sounded in the entire time of the show. He should of acted like that to rally his forces earlier.

Quick! Before his pupils burst or he has an aneurysm! Lelouch must have some insane blood pressure issues by now with how outraged he has to look all the time.

Despite the train wrecks, character derailments, and general insanity that is Code Geass, Lloyd is still awesome, ironically enough for being questionably insane himself. Would love to see an OVA dealing with Lloyd’s crazy early years at college.

When THIS GUY is the best substitute you can find for your second-in-command then you know you’re in trouble. The Black Knights always really have been a pathetic organization that acts like a chicken with its head cut off whenever Zero disappears. And this is with great minds like Toudou, Rakshata, Diethard, and Ohgi around. No wonder they can’t win back Japan, even with Zero! It’ll be interesting to see what role they play as the series winds up to its climax, but it’s hard to see them as more than glorified cannon fodder at this point.

Touche Sunrise for actually making Rolo’s death memorable and somewhat sad. Admittedly any character monologue set to a Hitomi song comes out great no matter what. In the end Rolo really is a tragic character, betrayed by everyone he knows, and while even recognizing the fact that he is being used chooses to go out as the best tool possible. The heavily doubled meaning final conversation between him and Lelouch also works great as there’s still a lingering doubt about how much Lelouch cared for Rolo and what did he view him as: a dear friend or a useful tool that saved its master? And what does that say about Lelouch at this point?

Suzaku finally snaps. Let the fires of hell engulf the Earth as the Lancelot rises above all as the dark god of destruction. Or maybe he’ll just go and beat Lelouch up. Or the Emperor. Or whoever he thinks is the villain now. Cause, obviously, it’s not him. He wears white after all.