Is it wrong that I actually want Lelouch to be dead? I agree that there’s stuff pointing to both interpretations, but that was too good of a death scene to waste on him just being alive. Lelouch’s bloody body sliding down to a chained and downright tortured looking Nunally was particularly gruesome yet beautiful in a morbid way. Lelouch allowing himself to be killed is certainly character redemption enough, and I’m not sure that after all he’s been through he would let himself live a peaceful life, but as I’ve said before I find it useless to analyze Geass too much so I’ll just say that it was a pretty good ending for the mess that preceded it. The characters all got their just desserts, and even Orange-kun came out on top. Loli-farmer-wife? Who wouldn’t want that?

All in all I can’t really say that Code Geass has been the best mecha series in a while, or even an overall good story. Too much wasted potential, terrible writing, and just general lack of direction marred the whole production. Truthfully I believe that CG was a victim of its own popularity. All the sudden this 26-episode show turned into a fifty-episode multimedia behemoth, and the writers had to come up with something to fill all that screen time. I do, however, appreciate what CG tried to do, to completely reverse and deconstruct common roles we all accept, perhaps not in a way as radical as Evangelion but in a way that demanded attention. Only in CG could the main character being killed for his crimes at the end be seen as a happy ending. A lot of good porn came out of all this too, so I can at least be happy for that.