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1. Needs a snappier title than Gundam 00 Second Season. G00SS is not a viable alternative.

2. I’m not completely sure if I’m watching a new gundam or just rewatching Zeta. A-Laws (it’s a pun, get it?) as fascist military? Check. Louis as an artificial newtype? Check. Can’t wait to see her Rosamia impression.

3. G00 apparently got a musical upgrade for the new season, cause all of the sudden the soundtrack kicks ass. The battle themes here were perfect, or I’m just a sucker for ominous choirs.

4. Pirate Exia is extremely badass. All gundam need tattered cloaks that flap in space. The gundam head on the back of the Seravee makes no sense to me, as all I can think of is the Devil Gundam.

5. Ribbons is even gayer. I don’t think that’s an actual surprise though.

6. Embarrassed teenage Soma is adorable, though her and Papa Bear have some weird vibes going on. Smirnov’s son also needs a good bear slap. Guy already sounds like a jerk, though he is an A-law.

7. New OP is also very good. Like the mixture of scenes from the past and future. Looks to promise a lot of good action and intrigue. This first episode was a rock solid start, so I hope they can keep the pace from here.