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It’s been a slow news week anime wise, leaving me very little to talk about. I’ve also had nothing to review this week, my leviathin torrent stopped working at 96% (dammit!) and I’ve had little time to read anything anyway’s. There certainly are some drawbacks to not choosing the anime episode/figurine review style blog. Oh well. So instead I thought I would talk about some of the subs I watched this week and what I liked. Unsure if this we’ll be a regular thing or if I’m just wasting time till next season starts (How many days till Kanon Jeff?).


I love how surprised Takemoto is that he actually landed a hit.

For some reason the guy yelling for sake just cracks me up. I laughed for minutes after this.

Honey & Clover II 11: BOW BEFORE THE LORD OF ADOLESCENCE! Takemoto vs. Morita proves H&C should of been a manly fighting series the whole time. Who needs that emotion and relationship stuff when you can see two guys fighting on a riverbank (as the old guys say). Seriously best fight animation since Saber vs. Assassin, and that’s kind of sad really. I don’t need moe anime #342 just give me a solid action series dammit! Moving on when did Shuuji become the main love interest of the series? I always thought he was the jaded mentor type and supposed to be Mayama’s rival, not Takemoto’s. That really leaves a wierd feeling with me, closing the series with Shuuji shouting a love confession about his lolicious surrogate daughter. That was still a funny scene though. The old men of H&C need thier own series, perhaps about their youth. Now I would watch that.





Ouran High Host Club 22 & 23: Ouran this week is made of MANLY FRIENDSHIP (not yaoi) and Oh Shi-! it’s a reverse trap! Ouran has really managed to up the hilarity factor this week, returning to the earlier episode style of helping a guy/girl/shota and letting madness ensue. This times it’s the reverse tsundere yakuza Bossa Nova-kun. It was awesome seeing Mori with some expression in his face, that mostly being shock and horror. Also the whole ” Lovely Item ” and ” Demon Nekomimi ” was great! Ouran’s humour is at it’s best just showing outlandish situations. The whole yakuza setup was great with Bossa Nova just wanting to kick the can with everyone. What kind of gangster wants to kick the can? The best thing was Bossa Nova falling for guy Haruhi and freaking out. Haruhi is the Jun of reverse trap. Every man wants her, or should that be every girl wants her? Eventually he does find out Haruhi is a girl though.



Best Renge expression EVAR!




Things get even better in 23 though, with Bossa Nova visiting the Host club and aksing for Haruhi. This gets all the crazy yaoi fangirls coming out and Renge even appears. I love how all the girls call her ” Renge-sama ” she’s the goddess of yaoi. Man that’s contradictory. Anyway’s we finally see the breakdown of Tamaki’s father complex when he begins to realize that he likes Haruhi in a non-parental way. Can’t believe I typed that. You know when you think about it Tamaki and Shuuji are the same with their love of surrogate daughters (I think I’m gonna get some hate mail from Shuuji fans now). Best part is the end though where Bossa Nova is shot down by Haruhi before he even confesses! I feel for ya Bossa Nova! Your still gar in my book! It ends with everyone wondering who gets Haruhi, with Haruhi saying no one :). And I just want to say Ouran has the best voice acting I’ve ever heard. It wouldn’t be half of what it is without those awesome VA’s.

Hinaichigo X3 is never a good thing.


Coyote Ragtime Show 9: I keep hoping beyond hope that CRS will pull a futakoi alternative and be insanely awesome in it’s final episodes. Sadly it doesn’t look like that will happen. I’ll stick with it till the end though just to see what happens. I must be the worst otaku ever if I’m continuing to watch CRS but have dropped Zero no tsukaima completely. this episode was midly entertaining, not much though. Actually kind of annoying since all the characters are back where they started with the same goals and same time limit. Ufotable shouldn’t try to infuse it’s shows with politicial intrigue. This isn’t exactly Ghost in the Shell you know. But I must say what the hell was up with that space fight! April and the three annoying Hinaichigo rip-offs went in two ships and mananged to destroy and entire space fleet! What the fuck are they flying, the fucking Vic Viper in Godhax mode?! Oh CRS you had so much promise…!

Still watching Muteki Kanban Musume and Akagi and their both a’rocking my socks. Now I’ve got some Demonbane 6 to go and make fun of. If it’s as good as ep. 5 it’s getting it’s own post.