This show has the perfect combination of moe…

Wooh first anime of the new season! God eclipse is fast. Pumpkin Scissors was something I originally was rather tentative about (mostly because of character designs), but after watching it I definately am going to continue with it. Pumpkin Scissors is set is set in a kind of modern world that looks like europe, with a bunch of WWII technology around. In this world the Empire and The Republic of Frost have apparently been at war for a long time, though it has now ended in a ceasefire. It is now three years since that ceasefire and things still aren’t good. Famine and disease are everywhere and soldiers without work have become bandits. That’s where the Pumpkin Scissors unit comes in. Their a ” War Relief Unit ” that cleans things up obviously. The three man group is led by the spunky and idealistic Alice, who also constantly waves a sword around. The first episode is based around the group meeting Roland, a mysterious superstrong ex-soldier with a wicked ass gun, and their deposing a local bandit group.

…and manly.

PS feels like an adult shounen story. Roland is the super-strong character with a mysterious and deadly past who goes on an adventure with the more naive sidekick character. The adult part comes of course from this also being a military anime, with all that realistic physics and stuff (we’ll forget about Roland’s gun for now). I’m loving Roland, mostly because he managed to destroy a tank by himself (oh shi-! he’s solid snake!). That’s manly. Alice is also an awesome character. Her charisma and shear bravado are just infectious to me. The sword waving is also a nice touch. Animation wise I thought everything was alright, even if this is from Gonzo, but I’m one of the few people who really likes Gonzo so it’s all good. Op and Ed were nice, loved the Op (when’s that single coming out?) and the Ed was very cute. I love how the dog just bites people on the head and everyone thinks it’s alright. Hopefully Pumpkin Scissors is a good indication of how this season is going to be, because if so it’s all gonna be awesome.

Roland’s gun in action.