I seem to enjoy Negima more and more with every episode I watch. The combination of wacky, sexy characters and Shinbo’s equally sexy art excites me to no end. And after watching the spring ova there’s only one thing I can say: give me more fanservice dammit! It’s like paniponi dash all over again! What is it with Shaft and it’s ability to render 2d-girls so insanely hot!? A mystery indeed. Anyways Negima!? Spring special was a ton of fun doing what negima does best, exploiting it’s characters personalities. It was all the little moments that made it nice. Setsuna obsessing over Konoka’s ass, Mana, Zazie, and the other girl doing the same thing as they do at school and saying how different they feel, Iincho wanting to sex up Negi, Chisame’s wacked out cosplaying, and Evangeline hunting chupacabra were all great. It didn’t even need the main plot of Negi and Asuna fighting, though there were some cute Asuna moments at the end. Dammit why couldn’t the thing be longer!? At least I have the summer special to look forward too. In other negima news I bought the first volume recently and, despite questionable translations, enjoyed it greatly. I may do a more in-depth review soon along with some other stuff I got recently.

Top 5 favorite girls so far:


#1 Mana: You can’t go wrong with dark, sexy, mature, and guns.


#2 Iincho: Cause big-breasted shotacons are awesome.


#3 Konoka: Ichijou ver. 2 with sexy times a hundred.


#4 Nodoka: That really is a great haircut.


#5 Asakura: Cause I like redheads that can see ghosts.

ok there’s mine. Who’s your favorite? Now funny/weird pics.


Hello what’s this…?


Jesus Christ it moved!


This requires further study.


This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! It tells me too…!


Dammit I’m shark-blocked!


Girls reaction at Pumpkin Scissors Oland’s apparent “size”. Of course Evangeline isn’t affected as she’s seen bigger.