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Reiji Nogi is one badass Worm. The guy oozes awesomeness. He carries a cane for no reason and beats people up with it. He defeats Gatack barehanded without even transforming, and he doesn’t even need to lift a finger to defeat Hyper Kabuto. He can stop time, too, which is always useful. And when you kill him, he just comes back in a stronger form and pissed as hell. The guy is also fashionable; manages to wear a trench coat and not look like a matrix reject. Plain badass.


Oh, right, it’s been a while since I last talked about Kamen Rider Kabuto. A long while actually. A lot has happened since then. KaGAmi became Gatack and got incredibly GAR all of a sudden. Tsurugi became a hilarious comedy character. Daisuke got framed for murder and killed his Worm lover, the whole while leaving me to wonder why he never uses his gun. Yaguruma reappeared as a Mad Max reject and was FUKAWESOME for one episode as Kick Hopper. Later episodes saw him team up with his gay lover Kageyama as Punch Hopper and things kind of went downhill from there. Now they spend their time fighting occasional worms and wallowing in their emoness. Turned out Hiyori was a worm, but the good kind of worm. She also got sent to the end of time, leaving Tendou sad he didn’t have a chance to rape his little sister. Speaking of Tendou, he got the Hyper Kabuto Zecter, so now he has mad time travel hax powers, which he uses every episode. He also got the Perfect Zecter that allows him to kill any worm instantaneously, which he also uses every episode.


The story has been good so far, mixing some seriously good drama with weird comedy. It hasn’t really felt like there’s been any overt fillers, unlike Den-O, and the fillers there were were pretty hilarious aka. the Iron Chef parody episodes. The characters have all managed to grow and be awesome in their own right, especially KaGAmi. Special mention also to Tadokoro for being the most awesome non-Rider character. The guy takes on an insane badass like Reiji just to protect his underlings. Just give the guy TheBee Zecter already. The only two complaints I have is that Tendou is way too overpowered. He uses Hyper Form every episode and the Perfect Zecter. We’re not even told where the Perfect Zecter came from! Yaguruma and Kageyama also annoy me. They were awesome when they first appeared, but now they’re just whiny distractions. The writers really have no idea what to do with them. Only have a little ways to go now to finish. I’ve heard the ending isn’t the best in the world, but I’ll probably enjoy it if it can provide some good action.