First thought that comes to mind: how the hell can that thing fly? I know it’s wrong to ask realistic questions in gundam, but really, that’s beyond ridiculous. The Tieren vs. Exia battle was cool, though. It’s nice to see the more experienced pilots fight on almost even ground with Setsuna. Give them some better suits and I bet they could win. Speaking of technology, the Ptolemoais’ (know I spelled that wrong) is set up really stupid. Why have your mobile suit carrier only be useful when there are suits in it, thus limiting your mission operating manpower? Is it that hard to give the ship a damn GN drive? Apparently Aeolia Schenberg didn’t think of that back in the 21st century when he made all this sci-fi technology. Oh, and using your enemies orbital elevator to move your incredibly valuable mobile suit is brilliant. The brilliance just stuns me.


A lot more politicizing this episode with more highlights of current conflicts in the future. Most prominent is IRA terrorism in Northern Ireland. This one seemed a bit of a stretch seeing how IRA signed a peace treaty a while ago and there’s now a joint government in office. Though, this is the Real IRA so they could become a threat in the future. I imagine something like Britian dragging along Northen Ireland into the AEU and some people getting pissed at that. Actually, I’m still wondering how Britain itself joined the AEU. Must of been some huge energy crisis to get the Continent-hating Brits to join the EU. As for the Union, every British PM after Bush probably had to swear to never work with America again.


Then there’s the civil war in South Africa which hasn’t happened yet, but since this is Africa will probably happen at some point. Especially if the chaos from Zimbabwe spills over the border, which it kind of already has. And then there’s the fake county of Talivia, which in all likely cases is probably some derivative of Columbia or Bolivia. Bolivia would probably be dumb enough to have its entire drug production in a single area. You would have to nuke all of Columbia to get rid of its drug production. By the 24th century I would imagine we would of moved on from cocaine to virtual reality addiction and synthetic drugs delivered straight into the brain, but that’s just me.


Now it’s time for me to throw out some more crazy predictions. After all, what else is a blog good for? There was a lot of talk of space colony development this episode. so I’m betting by the second half of the series we’ll have a full fledge space colony operational, finally adding that gundam staple to the mix. Also, Tiera will quit Celestial Being and join with the space colonists or whatever terrorist organization they spawn. Cause, one, the guy loves space, and, two, despite the gay design his whole personality screams EVIL. Much like Aeolia Schernberg’s design. Hell, he’ll probably try to control the space colony for all I know. Now that’s enough conspiracy theorizing for this week.