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One awesome person translated the drama CD that came with DVD 5. The story is basically Gurren-Lagann translated to the crazy days of the Japanese eighties where school gangs, yakuza, and giant robots run rampant. It’s basically campus lagann and is incredibly AWESOME! Here’s the links:

Otoko Ippiki Gurren-Lagann Part 1

Otoko Ippiki Gurren-Lagann Part 2

Otoko Ippiki Gurren-Lagann Part 3

Favorite quotes:

Gimbley: Do not worry. This building belongs to the Gimbu-kai. And this is the 10th floor of the building. No matter who it is, they can’t come in here so easily.
Gimbley: …And now someone’s just come in!!

Yoko: I’ll show you the skill of the Dai-Gurren High Air Rifle Club President!
Kamina: You….how many clubs are you in charge of?

Kamina: What inhabits the chests of men is a blazing heart and unyielding will! I’ll lend fallen men a sword, but not money because I’m flat broke! This world’s number one roughneck! That’s me, Kamina-sama!

Kamina: Good! Let’s go! GATTAI!!!
Simon: ……..A…Aniki? ……?
Kamina: …….bwaugh! I-I’m okay! My dead old man was saying “It’s still too early” from the other side of the river!
Simon: You’re on the verge of death!
Kamina: I’m okay! The tip of the drill that came in through the ceiling just stabbed me a little!
Simon: It stabbed you?!
Kamina: The skin on my head got cut, that’s all! Thanks to that, now I’m WIDE AWAKE!!!!

Kamina: Spending all day doing nothing but fighting, what lies in the chest of this Banchou punk is hot blood and huge ambition!
Simon: Spending all day doing nothing but repairing, the oath of men repairs this world!
Kamina: The giant robot is revealed! I lay my life in this guy’s hands!

Yoko: I can’t just let Kamina fight by himself! Please trust the skills of the Dai-Gurren High Long-Range Bombarding Club President!
Kittan: There’s a club for that?

Viral: Hahahahahaha! Do you see, Kamina?! This is my Hundred Enki Force! The one with two arms is Enkidu! Four arms is Enkidudu! Six arms is Enkidududu! Eight arms is Enkidudududu! The rooster’s cry is cock-a-doodle-do! To stop a horse you say “dou dou”…WHAT THE HELL?!

Kamina: Next time on OTOKO IPPIKI GURREN LAGANN! Conclusion Chapter! “Gurren-Lagann is in a great pinch! Rossiu’s forehead glimmers with killing intent!”

God I miss Gurren-Lagann.