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Something’s bothering me about the opening narration here. The narrator talks like there’s still oil in the middle east to export. Now, by most estimates I’ve seen the middle east is going to be bled dry probably by 2100, and even earlier episodes have said that fossil fuels have run out. So either I’m reading things wrong, which is possible, or the show’s internal logic doesn’t make much logical sense anymore, which is also possible knowing G00.


Why the hell does Wang have a pink plane? The constant wardrobe changes I can stand, but the plane is just ridiculous. In the realistic setting G00 is trying to create, trying being the key word, a pink plane is just too silly. I still have no idea what her purpose is anyways. A mixture between spy, financier, and chauffeur.


Why are Saji’s silly attempts to woo Louise’s mom still getting screen time after three episodes? Is there not more important stuff we could be focusing on, like a whole military coup d’etat in Azadistan? I’m starting to think these characters won’t ever become relevant to the main plot, unless HRL invades Japan and Saji has to fight to free his homeland. No, wait, I’m thinking of a different show now…


Why is Graham so awesome, performing his own Char kick in his sexy Flag? The side characters in G00 are so much more interesting than the main gundam pilots right now, aside from Lockon. Maybe it’s because they don’t throw hissy fits every other episode. This is why you leave the piloting of mobile suits to real men and send the children, biological super-soldiers, and cyborgs home.


Technically it’s impossible to become a giant robot. I know I’m being harsh on G00, but this show is seriously on a trainwreck right now. I have no idea where the writers are trying to take this show, aside from highlighting their own relevance by referencing every contemporary conflict under the sun. The characters I like don’t show up at all and most of the main characters just cry and freak out. The attempts at being realistic are just ridiculous. The mecha fights are good, but there’s not many of them. In the last couple of days I’ve watched both Gundam 0083 and G Gundam. Despite their differences they were both good, tightly scripted and well developed shows. I don’t know what G00 is trying to do, but I hope it gets its act together soon.