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Sadly Youtube does not have the full single of Alsatia up yet, so here’s my other favorite Galneryus song, Silent Revelation.

I may enjoy Mnemosyne for its pulpy ultra-violence, but there’s one thing I love it for: introducing me to the awesomeness that is Galneryus. I don’t really talk about my music preferences much, but I absolutely love power metal, speed metal, and whatever derivative genre one can think of. It’s always great when I can find a new band that I can actually enjoy every song they write in some way, and Galneryus is like this.

They’re the only power metal band I’ve discovered from Japan, I’m sure there’s more, and are oddly like most metal bands in that they sing in English rather than their native tongue, though they have been working Japanese into their recent stuff. Just listening to the full single for Mnemosyne’s OP, Alsatia, is sublime to me. If I only discover a new band every so often, at least I’m glad I can discover one as good as Galneryus to tide me over. Speaking of tiding me over, this month long wait for Mnemosyne is still killer. I’ll just have to loop Alsatia a few more times to pass the time.