When comparing the broadcast version of Macross Frontier to the deculture edition from earlier, it’s hard to say if either version is superior to the other. I love the way the fight scene is synced with the music in the deculture edition, but the regular version gives some nice characterization with the added concert scenes. Either episode is a fine and solid introduction to Frontier. The one thing that really surprises me about MF is how well it does at creating a whole new world in the future. Few anime truly create a different world from the one we live in, but Macross takes the extra step of imagining the future both as a continuation of the present while keeping in any unpredictable innovation the future brings. It’s the small touches that help, like the ever present advertising and holograms, or the bizarre living cellphone. We can easily recognize these things from the present day, but MF gives them a whole new twist that really makes them seem futuristic and new.

Aside from the setting MF looks to be following the tried and true formula of Macross: love triangle x transforming mecha x aliens = win. Ranka definitely comes out ahead as the favorite girl, especially with that Nyan-Nyan dance. Sheryl is just, well, a bitch who’s really popular. Yeah, I really don’t like her right now. Alto may look bishounen, but he seems to have some pretty badass qualities. Just hope he’s a good pilot. There’s a ton of characters in the OP, so I think we’ll be seeing the world of MF fleshed out a lot more later on. The music, that is key for any macross, is very good, particularly Sheryl’s catchy tunes. The rest of the instrumentals sound good, and I like the one when the veritechs scramble for the first time. The CG is solid and extremely well done. It’s rare to see CG mecha done well, especially transformations, but MF hits it on the nail. The 2D animation jars with the 3D at some points, but it’s mostly smooth. That one friend of Alto’s constant blushing creeps me out, though. MF is doing a great job of getting me pumped for it, and I can’t wait to see what surprises it brings.