For about the last week I’ve been thinking more often “I’d really like to blog about this,” which I take as a signal to mean my creative malaise of the last month is probably over. I didn’t even look at the blog for a month and feel refreshed and recharged now. Looking back, it was probably my own artificially strict updating that wore me out, and the fact that the spring season was so terrible I was hardly watching anything at all. I’m not complaining though; gave me time to discover how freaking awesome Doctor Who is to watch. So I will say I’m back to regular blogging now, though the updates may not be as often, or may just be shorter; I’m going to be doing things a little looser now to see what works best.

Now for the promised musing of the title. I was in Boston for the last week on vacation. Great city to see btw. While I was checking out a Borders there, since my own hometown tragically lacks one, I discovered two titles in the manga section I’ve been looking for. One was the second volume of Gyo, which is just as grotesquely amusing as the first. Sadly the series great ideas don’t amount to much and the anti-climatic conclusion feels like any other apocalyptic movie cliche. However, the other thing I discovered I didn’t expect to find at all: Volume 3 of Trinity Blood Rage Against the Moons.

Physical proof that Trinity Blood V.3 actually exists

Now, back before I went on vacation there was a big thing about Tokyopop canceling solicitations with its retailers for certain series, and Trinity Blood was one of them, so I was certain the series was cancelled seeing as how Tokyopop hates its light novels and such. I immediately snatched up the volume and thanked the anime gods for letting me find it. I don’t know if Borders just got the volume before Tokyopop sent out its letter or even if Trinity Blood may still be canceled, but I’m glad I at least got my hands on one more volume.

And I still can’t take pictures worth crap. I fear for my Boston photo’s.

Oh, and my volumes of Gaogaigar, Zeta Gundam, and Macross Plus came in, so it already looks to be a good mecha week. (Or maybe I should call it tree planting week.)