I don’t think killing your father is so much a childish action as a sociopathic one. There’s a key difference there.

CG finally caters to the hypnosis fetish sect. In all seriousness, is Marianne possessing Anya’s loli body and wanting to rape C.C. not the weirdest plot twist yet? Were there any crazy theories out there that even saw this coming at all? Not only that, but Marianne also acts like some giddy high school girl about to go out on the town when she’s really probably plotting for some evil aliens. This is the person Lelouch has been trying to avenge? Did he meet her at all? Truly CG is unpredictable now.

The evil Geass Penguins are the true third faction in this battle. Fleeing Jupiter millenia ago, they flew through interstellar space on their wings of light, which rendered them useless in a real atmosphere. They now plot to cover the Earth in ice so they can move to the equator and enjoy tropic beaches FOREVER!

There’s another plot hole covered up. Or maybe they just finally took the time to lampshade it.

“Coup d’etat you say? Capital idea. Lackey, set things in motion. I’m going to go have some Earl Gray while I ruminate on my best evil laugh.”

Suzaku has effectively achieved the most pathetic retreat in anything ever.

I just love Lelouch’s ostentsious display of fabulousness here. Not only did he have to geass all those guys into that formation, but if you also notice there’s no one around to even see it! Lelouch is great this episode as everyone else is running around trying to figure out what’s going on, and he’s just like “Lol I’m gonna fuck your shit up now.” Lelouch with no morals is truly the best Lelouch.

So all the animation budget for this episode went into animating two giant CG pillars of rotating poo? Great, just great.