Really? Your grand master plan is the same old “rid the barriers of humanity” crap that every other villain uses? Weren’t you the one that said “men are not created equally,” and now you’re going to make them all equal? Way to be a hypocrite, Emperor. I bet you’re going to say you love your children now too…damn it.

I’m sorry Lelouch, but your mother is a whore.

I still want to know why they keep using Jupiter as World of C/God/Collective Unconscious/whatever. Jupiter just makes it even more confusing, especially when you can apparently geass an entire planet too.

Note to future supervillains, do the right thing and don’t abandon your kids. They’ll probably be just as smart as you and with even more of an ax to grind.

The Emperor finally fulfills his dream of being superman moments before his death. How did he launch himself near horizontally without any legs?

Spinzaku Hurricane Drop Kick!

So now Lelouch is the Emperor and Suzaku is his heterosexual life partner again. Really, I see no problem with Lelouch being Emperor now. This whole time he’s just been using others as excuses to cover up his own ambition. Even without them it’s still natural for him to aim for the top. I just don’t know why Suzaku is there. His hurricane kick must get its spin power from him changing his mind so much.