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On a whim, or perhaps because I keep seeing random images of it on 4chan, I decided to check out the first episode of the Diebuster OVA. What I got was a solid half hour of fun and over the top mecha action. Diebuster is the supposed sequel to the pretty old Gunbuster, which I sadly have not had the chance to see yet. However Diebuster is a very loose sequel and I had no problem following what was going on.


Diebuster is about the girl Nono who aspires to be a top class space pilot and runs away from home at the beginning of the story to achieve this. Nono is literally why I’m going to continue watching this. My best description of her is a dojiko Asuka, seeing how she looks like Asuka but with none of the tsundereness. She also believes that all one needs to suceed is “Guts and Hard Work” spoken like any true mecha anime.


Halfway through the ep. Nono meets Lark, who happens to be an actual ace space pilot that Nono latches onto and calls Onee-sama, much to Lark’s annoyance. Lark also looks amazingly similiar to Kitsurubami, Amarao’s assisstant from FLCL. Lark gets to show off her robot skills when a space monster attacks the city and she has to fight it. Of course Nono’s aroud when this happens and ends up showing how ‘unique’ she is when she lifts up the collapsed monsters entire leg to save someone. But clumsy Nono gets stuck to the monster right when it blasts off into space. But that doesn’t stop her from somehow breathing in space and destroying the whole monster with her “Onee-sama Kick”. It’s clear by now Nono is something very special, I just don’t know what.


The reason I call this FLCL with mecha is because the whole thing looks like flcl, with the same fluid animation, a town covered in smoke, and even a futuristic vespa that Lark drives. But the mecha fights are the same which is nice, having the same fluid movements and flurry of attacks. I just realized that the monster looks just like the enemy robot from ep. 3 of flcl. Now you see why I call Gainax unoriginal. The only thing I didn’t like was the blatant fanservice when Nono tore off her top, even if it was a pun on ‘topless’ which is what the ace pilots are called. The whole scene felt forced and ridiculous with Nono fighting in space without a shirt. I gonna continue watching this and probably do another review of it at somepoint when I finish it (or get to ep. 5 as it seems that’s where Lunar stopped). Guts and Hard Work!