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Visual novels at their finest.

Finally Al|together 2006 is done. Apparently it took Haeleth and others a bit of time do get everything ready. My thanks to everyone who worked on this wonderful project. Main page here.

For those who don’t know, Al|together started last year and is basically an event where people translate free doujin visual novels for us japanese iliterate masses. Of course the original material, not the translations, is mostly low quality, but you can find some surprisingly good stories in most of them. I have yet to play anything entirely of this years cropping. I started on Red Shift, but then Tsukihime came and took my life away, so yeah that’s on hold. Maybe I’ll review some of the more interesting ones when I can find time to play them. A couple things are already looking good to me, like the world to reverse, or visions from the other side, as it has pics of a blood-covered miko (as seen above). Gotta know what’s that about.

In other visual novel news, the notoriously violent, bloody, and animated eroge School Days is getting an anime in 2007. All I can say is let the killing begin! It’s by the studio that did SHUFFLE so we should get some good freak out animation.