If the twin’s arc was a tragedy, then the Greenback Jane arc is more of a comedy (though what exactly comedy means in Black Lagoon is up for debate). This arc was characterized by a bunch of wacky one-shot villians, weird panty shots, Shenhau goodness, and some Eda backstory. Works pretty well actually.




First up is Eda, who was really great throughout the arc. She showed her smarts by setting up Jane and getting her to hire Eda as protection. Though she kind of messed up when there was no boat to escape in, but oh well. Despite being a rather normal fighter (she only uses a handgun) she was able to take out Shenhau in what was the first apparent use of strategy to win instead of luck that I can remember. Too bad it had to be Shenhau though. She’s too great a character to be shot at. Finally, we find out that Eda is originally from the US, was involved with a senator in some way, and was part of the CIA! Pretty amazing stuff. It’d be interesting to know if Eda quit the CIA, or is still working with them in some way. Imagine an arc where Eda leads a CIA team to attack Hotel Moscow, and ends up facing Revy? That’d be something, even if it might meant the end of Eda. Hard to know who she is right now, though she did seem remorseful when mentioning the CIA. And then there’s the usual ” OMG Eda is hot! ” which continues to be true.




A lot of weird villians this time. The torch guy was annoying and fat. Good thing he blew up. Sawyer was…almost interesting? Would of been better if Rock took her down some way, instead of her just having an emotional break down. The americans were stupid, thinking just cause their american they can beat anyone without knowing the situation. Allegory for foreign policy anyone? I ended up liking Rotton ZA WIZALDO, just cause he ended up helping Shenhau live. I liked the whole exchange where Shenhau said he should be a host at Bordello’s instead of a killer. He just say’s he’s to clumsy for that. Umm aren’t you too clumsy at killing too? Still a nice guy though.




And last of all, our eponymous heroine, panty-shot Jane! For such a violent and sex-ed up show as Black Lagoon, panty shots seemed really out of place. But Jane was a great character. She was as confused as Rock used to be, but still yelled at everyone. Pretty cute too. Benny really did get lucky in the end eh? Be nice if there’s some future reference to the two internet dating. That seems to fit their personalities. Anyone notice how every character in BL is a different nationality? Only one were missing is a frenchman. Dirty french. Anyways, that’s the end of this story. Next time: Revy in a skirt! The world’s gone mad I say! Time to jump into the Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise.