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Another route finished, this time Ciel’s.


I found Ciel’s storyline boring in the beginning, but it really picks up speed after Shiki kills Nero. I never realized how great a character Ciel is. The confrontation between her and Shiki was one of the high points of the story. Her staring you down with the seventh scripture, Shiki’s internal monologue, wondering if she’s gonna kill you. It was all terribly dramatic. She really is the opposite of Arcueid though, being serious all the time. She is incredibly badass though, with the whole seventh scripture gun, black barrel, etc. I think Nasu has an obsession with sword spamming characters (see: Archer, Gil, Shirou).

Oddly enough Roa gets a lot more attention here than in Arcueid’s story, even though he’s more of her enemy than Ciel’s. Technically you even kill Roa halfway in, but he sticks around inside Shiki. I don’t think of Roa as so weak now that I know all of his story. Every reincarnation was not Roa, but a copy of Roa with his same ideal and memories. Or as Arcueid puts it, it’s the same as his descendants having the same goal. It’s kind of sad how all of the pain he caused could of been avoided if he just realized he loved Arcueid when he first saw her. I would even say the way he disappeared in the good ending was almost gar, saying how when the object disappears, the observer goes with it. That’s an awesome ending.

what I didn’t like was Arcueid, as she seemed completely different here. She was never really the bubbly airhead but always angry and selfish. She just fell in love with Shiki and wanted him for herself throughout. When you kill her in the true ending, and she decides to come kill you, that was pretty damn scary actually. While in Arcueid’s route you could never believe her as a vampire, here you see her as a bloodthirsty vampire all the time. It doesn’t even mention how she’s fighting against drinking blood I think.

Of the two endings I actually liked the true one more. It was very climatic and tense with Arcueid hunting Shiki down and him having to kill himself. Then there’s the entire dream sequence and Shiki talking with his eight year old self. I really didn’t understand all of that part, but it was beautifully written I think. Shiki and Ciel ending up together felt more romantic than Arcueid’s to me. More realistic maybe? Nah, all the romance is actually unrealistic, but oh well. The good ending was alright, but the moment you chose it all the tension just crashed. Ciel and Arcueid are literally arguing over how to cure Shiki while he dies! Though it was nice to finally see care free Arcueid again, and the scene where she kisses Shiki in front of Ciel was hilarious!

Now I’m gonna do Akiha’s route and see Satsuki’s story. Is it sad Sachin?