Hell Slap!

Kotetsu Jeeg has one of the most awesomely crazy attacks I’ve ever seen a giant robot wield. It grows a bunch of spikes on its palm, an afterburner appears on the back of the hand, and he literally pimpslaps the hell out of the enemy at mach 5. It’s the ultimate weapon against emoness. Oh, and Jeeg also has a giant bazooka twice its height and just as big. Probably fires nuclear missiles, too. No idea how that thing fits on the Big Shooter, though. So yeah, Kotetsushin Jeeg is crazily awesome, in an absurd way. And Kana Ueda voices the main girl, which is another plus. Now the wait begins for Gurren-Lagann 4 subs and more mecha action. Or I could just download Dancouga Nova.

Teh Truth.