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Would hate to see what the dad looks like.

But sisters are still sisters, right? Especially if you can sleep with them.

I think this is the weirdest non-SZS anime episode I’ve ever seen. There’s eroge parodies, magical girl Otoha, Miku Yui, various SD shenanigans, and a cross-dressing uncle *shudder*. It was all pretty funny, though, especially all the blatant poking fun at eroge cliche’s. I would have to say the farming is also probably the weirdest concept for a magical girl, though apparently not weird enough to make an actual OP for. Takuma realizing how screwed up everything was and being forced to change it was great, too. You never expect him to get violent, so when he does you can’t help but root for. I wish he really did beat up those bullies back then, but at least he’s strong enough to beat them up now.


Hamaji has the line of the episode. Line of the show even. Hell, line of the season probably.


The last bit of the episode did get serious, showing that everything was just a test for Takuma by Otoha to see if he was strong enough to handle things on his own. Satisfied that she can be at rest now, Otoha disappears from the world. A touching moment overall, not too sad since we haven’t that much of Otoha, but much more creative than her disappearing without doing anything. I have an idea of where the show will head from here based on spoilers, but I really want to see the next episode. Which is odd for me since I usually don’t like this kind of show that much, but there’s something about H2O that makes me just like it. I think I’ll talk about that more when the show’s actually done.


I wonder if this is the first instance of a Hatsune Miku parody in anime, or has SZS snagged that honor already?