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After the multi-arc “epics” of Fuuko and Kotomi, Keyani chooses to blow through Kyou/Ryou’s and Tomoyo’s arcs in one episode. I’m left with the feeling of “what the hell did I just watch here?” First there’s the tragic cutting of Tomoyo’s story, which is tragic mainly because Tomoyo is one awesome character who can make any scene she’s in better. And her back story actually makes plausible sense! It’s still the same kind of trite Key melodrama, but I feel like if her brother’s story got proper development it really could of been something, instead of the actual, you know, five minutes we got on him. The whole way Tomoyo’s back story was handled was atrocious. Tomoyo was just like “oh, I haven’t told you my tragic emotional back story that drives me. Silly me.” It was all so artificial and “tragedy” for tragedies sake. At least her bowing out of the race for Tomoya’s heart was handled with some grace, the kind of silent recognition that lets her move on.

In the mind of Sunohara: “I wonder if I can get some sympathy sex here?”

What an amazing contrast that is to the Fujibayashi sisters, who really let the waterworks loose this episode. Ever since the end of the Kotomi arc Kyou and Ryou have been there in the background, Kyou working her magic to get Tomoya with Ryou. The whole time I was thinking “this is nice, but it will be better when the main story focuses on them.” Then this episode comes along and all of a sudden both girls are out. What the hell was their purpose? Why did Ryou like Tomoya, why did Kyou feel like she needed to play matchmaker, and why did she like Tomoya? Keyani decides to wash away all those little inconsistencies in the most cliche manner possible: a lot of crying. I have no idea what the importance of these girls was suppose to be, and it looks like the story doesn’t care either as it moves on with Nagisa. Fine with me; let’s just hope her story actually remains coherent.