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There is one reason alone I can’t wait for Blassreiter: its story is being done by Nitroplus. Anyone has read the blog for a while will know that I absolutely love Nitroplus, even more than Type-Moon. They have the uncanny knack of mixing together the most diverse elements into something awesome (Lovecraft, mecha, and loli books for Demonbane; Angels and John Woo gun-fu for Angelos Armas; werewolves, androids, and maids for Gekkou no Carnevale). Blassreiter is looking to include zombies, demons, and fucking kamen riders! Admit, how can you go wrong with zombies and kamen riders?

As for the CG work, admittedly Gonzo doesn’t have the best past with CG, but I’ve seen worse CG from other studio and Blassreiter is looking to be one of Gonzo’s better CG efforts. I’ve lived through Demonbane and Dragonaut; a little CG isn’t going to hurt me. I’m hoping Blassreiter will be the dark henshin hero series I’ve been wanting since Skull Man ended. Kiva’s good and all, but I need a little more substance to my superhero fun. And, yes, this as close to a preview post as you’ll get from me. I’m too lazy to copy lists of shows made by other people when I’ll be watching the first episode of everything anyways.