Now Schneizel’s just a noraml megalomaniac villain who wants to nuke the whole world. Very original there. And I have to love that his big evil plan is basically an orbital nuke platform that probably took trillians of dollars to make. Apparently no one in the Geass world has invented ICBM’s either, or all of this could of been done easily a long time ago.

Bitch don’t know about my coincidentally placed machine gun. Most ignoble death for an awesome character ever?

“What is this feeling in my metal heart. Could it be…love?” Orange x Sayoko is the most unlikely and awesome pairing to come out of Code Geass yet.

Lelouch finally realizes that being evil means screwing a lot of people over for goals higher than your own petty semblance of love. And I swear C.C. is the only actual female character in the show now. All those other women are just gratuitous cameos.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes this isn’t. Even lowly Bittenfeld could run circles around these guys while waving underwear in their faces.

So the sweet little innocent girl, who we’ve been told is sweet and innocent the whole show, is now completely willing to launch a WMD at brainwashed soldiers just because her brother lied to her, and she’s doing all this for the other guy that is lying to her, even though she’s supposed to have some insane lying detector ability? Yeah, whatever, that makes sense.