Thoughts on Code Geass 16

Posted by Demian @ 1:45 pm, July 28th, 2008

Code Geass may be weak in execution but it still knows how to send a shiver down my spine. Juxtaposing two opposing armies screaming national slogans with a military march in the background excites me any day. I can already imagine the epic battle that will ensue with thousands of knightmares on land, sea, and air, explosions and death galore, all capped perfectly by a few Freya destroying Tokyo. Of course, this probably won’t happen. We’ll probably get a few minutes of fighting until Lelouch screws up everything trying to save Nunnally, again, leading to the Black Knights terrible defeat, again. Rinse and repeat.

At least Kallen kicking Suzaku’s ass was executed perfectly. I could watch this all day (and maybe I have).

The Emperor’s New Groove

Posted by Demian @ 9:15 pm, July 21st, 2008

Is it possible to love a show just for one man’s voice? Cause I tell you Norio Wakamoto just made this episode perfect. The Emperor had more lines this episode than the rest of the show combined, and they were all so awesome. I don’t know how Lelouch plans to defeat the Emperor when all he can do is cower like a little school girl before his awesome, powerful voice. LE-LOOOOSH!

It’s also perfectly normal to freak out after killing the man you’ve been meaning to kill for 39 episodes, instead of, say, dancing a little victory jig over his corpse.

I have no idea why C.C. needs to be naked in this scene, but I’m not complaining. There’s probably still more to the Geass mystery (oh look Jupiter’s hanging out in the sky), but with C.C. all amnesiafied we won’t find out anything more for a while. Code Geass now returns you to your regularly scheduled political thriller, and I use political lightly.

I Have to Say…

Posted by Demian @ 10:13 pm, July 14th, 2008

Lelouch’s plan to use Rolo as a would-be suicide bomber is the best idea he’s had yet. Who cares if Lelouch has fallen off the deep end into ordering mass genocide to cover up his own guilt. As long as he gets rid of Rolo he’s okay in my book. Sadly the plan didn’t work, the one time where I didn’t like the sight of Cornelia on the scene. We’ll just have to wait for Rolo to die in a fiery explosion at some latter date. As for the rest of the episode, well I have no idea what exactly is going on anymore but never before has falling down the slippery moral slope been this much fun to watch.

And you just got to love Britannian corsets. Cheers for straight hair Kallen!

Watching Code Geass on My New Monitor

Posted by Demian @ 10:48 pm, July 7th, 2008

Nice. I have a new love for my monitor and Sayoko.

Not nice. I still love my monitor though.

Shirley’s death is harsh for Lelouch, but it also reemphasizes the point that Lelouch really can’t go back, no matter how much he wants to. Him continuously trying to Geass Shirley to live was the best part, as it showed his own belief that he can do anything falling apart. If this leads to a darker Lelouch, or even a Lelouch that completely embraces the identity of Zero, then I think Shirley’s death was worth it. Lelouch has been waffling between pure villainy and normalcy for too long. And, really, Rolo just needs to die. We can all agree on that. Jeremiah’s about-face was very unexpected, though makes sense in the weird kind of honor-logic he uses.

Jury’s still out on the new OP. It lacks a certain oomph I think a mecha show needs at this point in the game. It does promise epic battles IN SPACE, so I’m looking forward to that.

One more shot of my new monitor. It’s a Hannspree 19 inch for the curious, and that is the Victory 2 Gundam. It’s down there on my to watch list. Somewhat fitting as the new enhancements for the Lancelot and Gurren remind me of the Wings of Light from Victory Gundam.


Posted by Demian @ 10:34 am, July 1st, 2008



Man, there are some really slutty girls at Ashford. Glad no one seems to have a problem with that.


Lelouch doesn’t roll that way, ladies.

YES!!! in a completely non-fanservicey way. Clearly Code Geass has jumped the shark. It really has no idea where it’s going and is just using fanservice to keep the viewer’s interest, which does actually work. As long as the train wreck is entertaining who says we won’t watch it? With Orange-kun back maybe will get more action fanservice to balance out all the flesh, but in reality we’ll probably just get more LOL MELODRAMA, which can be entertaining in its own way.

Is There Plot in My Fanservice or Fanservice in My Plot?

Posted by Demian @ 8:31 pm, May 6th, 2008

There are very few shows that would start a fanservice episode with chanting to a messianic terrorist, but that’s just how Code Geass likes to do things. This was a very effective scene in showing how much Lelouch as the order wrapped around his little finger. Even the guys who know they’re being used can’t do anything to stop him. Of course, I fully expect this to lead to a “you’re no better than the Emperor” scene at some point in the future, or even better “you and I are not so different.”

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Suzaku’s big return was very effective, especially with the nice recap between the two. Seeing the two act so sweet to each other is just sickening, but part of our enjoyment as viewers is knowing how much both want to kill each other.

God, I’ve missed Millay. Still the best side-character, bar none.

The Rollo-Lelouch relationship is getting a bit creepy, and by a bit I mean a lot. Sexually confused Rollo is the last thing this show needs. It’s also kind of weird how adeptly Lelouch can not only manipulate members of the fairer sex, but also every male around him. Just look at Diethard’s mancrush. Really makes you wonder how Lelouch learned all of this, and how thankful I am not to be in his head.

Why can’t I have teacher’s like that?! Why can’t I have clubs like that?! Why must you mock me with your fantasies Japan?!

Take me to your Pizza, Chachamaru.

I swear Kallen’s ass has gotten more screen time than several important side-characters. I’m looking at you, Diethard, Lakshata, Lloyd, Sayoko, Kaguya, Cornelia, etc.

I AM SHOCKED, SHOCKED by these developments. Well, not really, since whenever the spoilers came out everybody seemed to guess Nunally was the new governor instantly, and how flawlessly the idea would screw Lelouch appeared to make it more likely. It will be very interesting to see how Lelouch reacts to this, and next episode he’s already staging a rescue operation, which other spoilers state will end in tragedy. Personally, I want them to kill Nunally off, just so we can get uber, cold-blooded bad guy Lelouch who butchers every Britannian around him, but that may be a bit unlikely. Because CG loves its cliffhangers, we’ll all just have to wait till next week to see what happens. (Where I’ll probably be proven wrong. Again.)

Thank you, Sunrise

Posted by Demian @ 10:42 pm, April 27th, 2008

For providing meaningless bits of background information in almost perfect english. Really, hardly a bit of engrish in sight. Of course, this just makes what the hell is Britannia more confusing. Not only is there a House of Lords (IN AMERICA), but places like Tennessee and Virginia still exist. And yay for the brief mention of Charlottesville, which is only about sixty miles from where I live. It’s always interesting to find little parts of your life mentioned in anime. So is Britannia a constitutional monarchy or a fascist dictatorship with the trappings of liberalism? It’s funny how everyone likes to compare Britannia to America, when in reality it really is a fascist government. The strong central government, secret police, glorification of the state and the past, anti-communism, and an ideology that deems other peoples inferior are all there. The Emperor is actually just Hitler, but with a cooler laugh and no wimpy mustache.

Aside from all that, another great episode. Lelouch’s mindfuck was at an all time high, managing to screw all of his enemies, gain a new ally, and still make people believe he’s actually a student. I still wonder where Lelouch got his mad Knightmare skills from. Now, he’s a far cry from any kind of ace - probably the least skilled pilot in any mecha series ever - but it still takes some knowledge to be able to snowboard, especially with how clunky the Burai looks. (Now, Shinji may be even worse than Lelouch. Depends on if its the manga, the movies, or if he’s having a neurotic breakdown at the moment.)

And guns are complicated. This is why sex appeal is the ultimate weapon.